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Steven Spielberg's Yacht Isn't Named 'Orca II,' But It Should Be

By: Scott Way

The 'Seven Seas' recently went up for sale for $160 million

The most famous director in cinema is also a sea dog, but he's got much better taste than the surly Quint from Jaws. The legendary Steven Spielberg, director of such gems as ET and Jurassic Park (and about 30 other classics) has put up his 282-foot superyacht Seven Seas for a modest $160 million.

Spielberg took ownership of Seven Seas in only 2010, so he didn't own it long, which is surprising considering he likely doesn't have trouble paying the maintenance costs. The Hollywood legend has a net worth north of $3.7 billion USD. The current speculation is that he's dumping Seven Seas after commissioning a new, larger, yacht.

Spielberg paid an estimated $182-190 million for the ship 12 years ago, which isn't bad in terms of depreciation considering today's economics. Prior to the sale it was also available for charter for $1.2 million per week, which no doubt helped to keep overhead costs under control.

As for the ship, the origin of the name Seven Seas is in reference to both the Seven Seas (duh), but also Spielberg's seven children. It was built by respected Dutch shipyard Oceanco with the interior being designed by Nuvolari & Lenard and Molly Isaksen. Oceanco, if you're curious, has an impressive track record having built fascinating ships like the Black Pearl.

As for Seven Seas, she's not short on amenities. The 282-foot ship boasts four decks and can accommodate 20 guests across seven staterooms. There's also enough room for a large crew of 28.

There's also a fully operational spa/salon, massage room, steam room, a helipad, an infinity pool, a panic room, an elevator, a full gym, and 17 televisions. Spielberg has directed 32 films thus far, so you could conceivably enjoy almost half his catalog all at the same time. Other perks include a smart monitoring system that controls the lighting, climate, audio, and TV systems using an iPad.

In typical superyacht fashion the upper deck is entirely allocated for Spielberg (or the primary charter guest), giving them access to the full-beam stateroom, lounge, study, dressing room, hot tub, bathroom, and private deck.

It also shouldn't come as a surprise that Seven Seas also includes a screening room/theater, presumably for watching top-secret director's cuts of famous films. The theater also includes a full bar and a grand piano, because apparently it's also a party room.

The 'toy room' below deck consists of three Wave Runners, four Seabobs, diving equipment, various watertoys, and custom tenders designed to match the larger yacht's appearance.

Speaking of below deck, she packs some decent power and range for a 282-foot yacht. Seven Seas boasts a top speed of 19.5 knots (22 mph) and a 5,200 mile range (8360 km) when cruising at 15 knots (17 mph). Her gas tank isn't small, though, at 77,000 gallons (291,000 liters), so hopefully you have some connections at the gas pump.

If Spielberg is indeed upgrading, we've got some suggestions for names for the new boat - Orca II, Phone Home, and Catch Me If You Can.

*Update* – The yacht has been sold and renamed Man Of Steel, which seems strange to rename a famous director's yacht after a film he didn't make. But if you have $160 million, you can do whatever you want. Safe travels to the new owner.

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