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Steaks & Boats - Gordon Ramsay Takes Delivery of a Ribeye

Gordon Ramsay Ribeye boat
Photo- Ribeye U.K.

Good news - one of the world's most famous chefs is also a boater. The inimitable Gordon Ramsay, everyone's beloved hot-headed kitchen dweller, recently took delivery of a new boat.

Suffice to say, not only does the man have good taste in steaks, he also has good taste in boats.

His new ride is a Ribeye - a U.K. manufacturer that builds specialty RIB boats that are designed to serve as yacht tenders or as standalone offshore leisure boats. We were unable to get the exact model of Ramsay's new ride, but it appears to be part of Ribeye's Prime series of 6-12 m (19- 39 ft) premium vessels.

Are you picking up on the steak/meat theme yet?

Anyway, Ramsay's Prime RIB is marinated with twin Yamaha V6 outboards which, according to the video, are the first in the U.K. According to the company, the Prime is a "go fast, go anywhere boat," and it certainly appears to check the boxes in terms of performance. 600 horsepower on 2750 kg (600 lb) hull with custom propellers and finely tuned high-performance components is plenty to overcook anyone's adrenaline when the throttle goes down.

Even Ramsay couldn't contain his glee. On their maiden voyage, the stereotypically crusty cook is all smiles, proclaiming "The adrenaline, the smoothness of it is just insane."

The Prime RIB is also a family boat, with several custom amenities that allow it to serve as more than simply an offshore pressure cooker. A stern bench seat provides an additional social area for guests, and the bow converts into a dining lounge with a custom table insert.

According to Ramsay, "family is at the heart of what I do. I can't wait to spend days on the water with Cayetana and the kids, fishing, wakeboarding, and exploring the beautiful British coastline. And let me tell you this: nothing does this better than a Ribeye."

Although this could apply to both the perfectly seared steak or a finely crafted British performance boat, Ramsay called it "a glorious piece of engineering." Pass the taters.

Check it out:

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