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Skipperi Canada & Starcraft Expanding Fleet Partnership on Lake Ontario

Skipperi, the premier boat sharing company across Lake Ontario, has partnered with Starcraft, one of the most reputable boat manufacturers in North America.

The partnership aims to provide the best boats to customers while simultaneously making boating more accessible to everyone. With Skipperi having purchased its entire fleet from Starcraft for their sophomore year in Toronto and surrounding area, it's clear that they have ambitious plans for the future.

Skipperi Canada is a global boat sharing company that offers unlimited use of their fleet of motor boats to their members, without the hassle of boat ownership. With Skipperi Canada, customers have the convenience of enjoying boating without worrying about the maintenance, storage, or insurance. All of the boats in Skipperi Canada's fleet come equipped with the latest technology and equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride on the water.

When it comes to boating, quality is everything. With Skipperi Canada's partnership with Starcraft, members will enjoy boats built by a company with over 115 years of experience in marine manufacturing. Starcraft's boats are known for quality, durability, and innovation, which means customers will enjoy a premium boating experience.

Models available to members include the Starcraft SVX 171 OB, 190 OB DC, 191 OB, 211 OB, and 231 OB deck boats, as well as the EX 22' pontoon. Members even had the opportunity to name each boat in the fleet as part of a 2023 spring contest.

“Starcraft was a fantastic partner in every essence during our pilot year in Toronto, and we are happy to announce the continuation of our partnership in 2023. Our members are excited to experience the new 2023 SVX deck boats, and pontoons, this upcoming season”, said Sydney Piskor, Skipperi Canada’s Customer Service and Content Marketing Lead.

Skipperi’s boat sharing concept is about making boating more accessible and affordable for everyone. With locations across Lake Ontario, customers can easily reserve a boat, whether they are looking to go fishing, cruising, or just spend a day on the water with family and friends. With Skipperi’s app booking system, customers can book their boat with ease, and then simply show up at the marina to collect the keys and hit the water.

If you’re a new boater, Skipperi is a one stop shop for learning how to get out on the water: assistance with your boaters license, certification of your Toronto Port Authority Power Vessel Operators Permit, and practical training are all included.

“At Starcraft Marine, we are dedicated to making boating accessible to a broader audience, including first time boaters and newcomers to the marine industry, especially in this post-pandemic world” said Krista Sparkes, Director of Sales for Canada and the East United States.

“Research from the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association indicates that consumer demographics are changing rapidly as the overall boating population shifts to a younger, multicultural and more diverse crowd. Knowing next generation boaters are seeking a convenient, turnkey experience, we are enthusiastic about expanding our partnership with Skipperi Canada in ways that allow us to grow our mutual footprint as, together, we launch additional Starcraft SVX deck boats and Starcraft pontoons into the Ontario waterways.”

If you are looking to enjoy premium boating without the hassle of boat ownership, Skipperi is the way to go. With their partnership with Starcraft, you can be assured that you are enjoying a top-of-the-line boat from a reputable manufacturer. To get started, simply purchase a Skipperi membership and enjoy your boating adventure!

For more information about Skipperi's unique business model you can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram. #news #products #skipperi #starcraft

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