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Silent Yachts Building Solar-Powered Resort in Fiji

Silent Yachts Fiji resort yacht

Silent Resorts, a division of Austrian boatbuilder Silent Yachts, has announced plans to build a solar-powered marina and resort in Fiji.

Silent Yachts has never been shy with their willingness to step outside the normal parameters of the boat industry, having previously linked up with Volkswagen to advance their technological prowess. The company has also forayed into the hospitality industry before with a similar solar-powered resort concept - Silent Resorts Bahamas -- which is currently under construction. The Bahamas resort, located in Exuma, will offer guests access to a fleet of Silent 62 or Silent 80 yachts, as well as X-Shore electric dayboats.

As for the new location, Silent Resorts Fiji will be an emissions-free luxury resort that is entirely solar powered.

The detailed plan for the resort includes 28 Silent Estate Residences with 4-6 bedrooms per residence. They will be broken down as 14 two-bedroom 'Silent Marina Residences,' and 10 two-bedroom 'Silent Beach Club Residences.'

The entire facility is nestled on a private island within the larger Fiji archipelago, which consists of 330 islands, of which only about 110 are permanently inhabited.

Silent Yachts founder and CEO Michael Köhler said in a statement: “Owners at Silent Resorts can explore the stunning natural surroundings on board the world’s first fully solar-powered yachts, which are seamlessly integrated with the resorts’ pre-engineered, modular, low-impact land-based infrastructure. In short, we are offering the ultimate Fijian escape to our owners, where the most difficult question they will ever have to answer is: ‘When do we want to go back to our private island paradise?’”

“With its beautiful, untouched natural surroundings on both land and sea, and the incredible and welcoming hospitality of the Fijian people, this is the perfect base for us to create our next 100 percent solar-powered luxury adventure destination,” said Victor Barrett, the head of Silent-Resorts.

The Fiji resort will have 24 founding memberships available for purchase and can be purchased as either 'co-ownership' or 'full ownership.' Solar Residences start at $3,950,000 and Silent Yacht shares at $498,500. Minimum share is 1/8th, with options for a 1/6th or 1/4th.

Guests staying at the resort will have exclusive access to a fleet of Silent's own solar-electric tenders, as well as speedboats and sailing catamarans. Boaters will also have access to the Silent Marina, a 100% solar-powered facility dedicated entirely to electric yachts.

Other perks around the facility include a clubhouse, bar and restaurant, private beach club, and a fitness center. The resort property will also include walking/hiking trails and bike paths for exploring the exclusive island.

Construction for Silent Resorts Fiji is expected to start before the end of 2023.

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Frederick Baumann
Frederick Baumann
24. Juni 2023

A place where you definitely want to visit. Simply breathtaking and delightful.

Gefällt mir
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