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Regal Stuns at Miami with Flagship 50 SAV

2024 Regal 50 SAV
The 2024 flagship Regal 50 SAV

Amidst all the hubbub at the Miami International Boat Show, there was perhaps no bigger move than Regal's launch of the all-new flagship 50 SAV.

The new design offers one of the most diverse and adaptable platforms on the recreational market with an expansive and adjustable stern platform, plus a laundry list of built-in fishing, dining, socializing, and overnighting features that are rarely offered on a single boat.

While many manufacturers made good use of the event to announce their latest offerings, Regal's step into the 50-foot category immediately went viral.

At the official launch in the Regal booth, company president and CEO Duane Kuck voiced Regal's commitment to offering products that consumers can use to enhance their boating lifestyle.

"We like to think of it in terms of enriching lives," said Duane Kuck. "We help families get into boating, and enjoy boating, and it adds value to their life. That really gives us a lot of energy. Creating special boats, and new ways to use these boats, is additive. We keep adding to boating. The boat we're introducing this morning does all of that."

The 50 SAV (Sport Activity Vessel) carries an LOA of 50' even with a 14'7" beam. Her standout features include an innovative electronic-armrest the company calls a 'Garmrest,' as well as dual opening terrace doors, Regal LivePower, Seakeeper 6 stabilization, FLIR night vision technology, digital switching, triple 22" displays, electronically adjustable seating, and an expansive helm that allows for smooth intermingling between social areas and the captain's station. "This boat is a culmination of so many things we've learned," added Duane. "Cindy and I are active in the sport. I got to be on this boat when we did our photo shoot in the Bahamas. This boat performs like you wouldn't believe. I can't wait to get you out on it. When I look at this 50 SAV, it represents so much of the learning we've done over the last 50 years, and it gets represented in this new flagship."

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A walkthrough of the boat was provided by Jake Kuck, Regal's VP of North American Sales and Marketing, who took attendees around the boat from bow to stern. Visitors experienced Regal's 'Garmrest' concept firsthand, which utilizes a built-in Garmin display in the armrest itself, allowing those seated in the captain or co-captain seats to make adjustments for nearly every feature on the boat without having to reach the primary dash or move elsewhere within the boat.

Attendees also got to experience the 50 SAV's entertainment features, which can be setup or modified to suit each user's needs. Regal's "Ultimate Trim Series," which offers owners the choice of customizable interiors, towers, and audio components, among other features, means the 50 SAV can be customized nearly 1,000,000 different ways according to the company. The stern platform is massive with the terrace doors folded down, and a large refreshment island and 55" hydraulic drop-down TV makes for endless options when at rest.

"This is the ultimate sandbar platform," said Jake. "It has awesome entertainment. But if you're like me, when I wake up, the number one thing I want to do is go trolling. I don't get to do it much, but that's what I want to do. This boat will do that easily."

"Paul, my brother, who leads the engineering team, they've done an amazing job," he added. "I really appreciate him and what he's done (designing this boat)."

For anglers, the 50 SAV also includes 19 rod holders spread throughout the boat. Other standard features include deep drop outlets, outriggers, a convertible transom with dual pressurized live wells, and a big-water capable OceanTrac2 hull design. "It's a culmination of days spent on the water," says Jake. "When we're off work, we're on the water. Every day that we get to boating, at least for me, is work. But it's work that I really enjoy. We're always asking 'how do we do that?' or 'how do we change that?' or 'what can I do to make that better?'. And that's where this project comes from. We know that so many of our customers have a varied boating lifestyle. What they do on Saturday may not be what they do on Sunday. It was really important for us to design a boat that accomplishes Saturday's activities the same as it does Sunday's activities."

"Boating is one of those things that can draw families and friends together. It bring all walks of life together. It's pretty cool that we get to do that," added Duane.

You can get the first look at the 50 SAV from the Regal launch event in the video below:

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