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Rayglass Releases World's First RIB with Twin Mercury V12 600 HP Verados

By: Scott Way

Rayglass Protector 410 Targa with twin Mercury 600 Verados
The Rayglass Protector 410 Targa with twin Mercury 600 Verados

New Zealand's Rayglass Marine has announced the release of a custom Protector 410 Targa RIB fitted with twin Mercury V12 Verado outboards. The combination marks the world's first RIB with the massive engines, which generate 7.6 L displacement and 600 horsepower for a total of 1200 HP over the 41-foot platform.

Rayglass modified the transom on the 410 Targa to increase structural integrity in order to accommodate for increased torque. The end result is a remarkable RIB platform with big-water capability and handling.

In previous tests, the V12 Verado has delivered impressive low-end torque when paired with large boats, allowing for quicker acceleration and planing than any other engine on the market. Much of the low-end torque comes from Mercury's innovative two-speed transmission and lower unit, which rotates independently of the upper unit during steering.

Other helpful features on the V12 Verado include dual contra-rotating props which reduce slippage to deliver horsepower quicker and more efficiently.

At the time of the V12 Verado launch, Mercury Marine president Chris Drees stated “The V12 Verado outboard delivers boaters unrivalled freedom, luxury and power to pursue their passions on the water. This is a remarkable engine that will change the future of boating.”

Rayglass CEO Dave Larsen added, “We wanted to build a boat that could outperform everything on the water – this is the result. A combination of smart engine technology and the advanced hull gives the vessel incredibly responsive handling. Meanwhile the 1200HP of the twin engines means it has the acceleration and speed of a supercar on the water. These are the world’s most powerful and advanced engines on the world’s most capable RIB vessel. Cruising in this is the most fun you can have on the water.”

The 410 Targo includes multiple custom additions for standout effect. The cockpit has three screens that enable digital switching, push-button start, digital throttle technology, joystick piloting, and Skyhook advanced controls. The displays include a E700 Multi-Function display and a Smartshunt battery monitor. The E700 display features engine monitoring, built-in WiFi, battery data and one-touch anchor alarm.

A 2-3 pax undercover perch seat provides a comfortable ride in any weather, as well as new magnetic teak lids and a recessed barbeque.

You can check out the Protector 410 Targa with twin Mercury 600's in the video below:

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