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Pure Watercraft Launches New Pontoon Model After GM Partnership

By: Scott Way

Pure Watercraft electric pontoon boat

Pure Watercraft, a Seattle-based electric boat and motor manufacturer, released an impressive new pontoon boat the recent CES Show in Las Vegas.

If the name Pure Watercraft sounds familiar, that's because they recently signed a deal with General Motors to develop electric motor technology. When the announcement was made in November 2021, GM invested $150 million to purchase 25% of Pure Watercraft with the intention of sharing R&D resources to progress the respective capabilities of the automotive and marine industries.

The CES Show, meanwhile, is the largest and most influential consumer electronics show in the world and is often where companies make major announcements. This past week, Pure Watercraft showed off their latest capabilities with the arrival of an all-new electric pontoon.

The new boat carries an LOA of 24'7" and boasts a top speed of 23 mph with dual outboards (14 mph with a single). The platform also packs seating for up to 10 people. It's powered by single or twin Pure Outboard motors and utilizes a GM designed battery pack that carries up to 66 kWh.

According to Pure Watercraft CEO Andy Rebele in a press release, “pontoon boating is booming because people want to get out on the water and socialize with family and friends in the great outdoors. This boat gives them a more enjoyable experience, free from engine noise and the hassles of fuel and maintenance, at a price comparable to that of a conventional pontoon boat. This unprecedented value is a result of our relentless focus on efficiency.”

Pricing appears extremely competitive for the market. Figures on the company website are $45,000 USD for a single outboard and $60,000 USD for a twin configuration, with a refundable $100 deposit still available for pre-orders.

Initial deliveries are expected to start in late 2022 or early 2023.

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