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Press Release: 'Water Ways' Premieres This Saturday on Global TV with Host Steven Bull

Water Ways premieres Saturday, July 9th on Global TV Ontario at 11 AM EST.

The exciting new recreational boating TV show Water Ways will be premiering this Saturday, July 9th on Global TV. The series will explore every facet of recreational boating and take viewers on a journey through some of Canada's most popular boating destinations.

Season 1 will focus on Ontario and will include world-renowned destinations like the Trent-Severn Waterway, Muskoka, and Niagara's South Shore. Each of the 8 weekly episodes will have an "anchor location" intermixed with safety tips, interviews, profiles of notable boaters, and highlights of careers on the water. The run will run weekly through August 27th.

Award-winning host Steven Bull brings an extensive resume in boating to the show, having worked with CBC and PowerBoat Television, among many others. Viewers will get an exhilarating first-hand look at boating through Steven's eyes, and will get the chance to apply his experiences to their own adventures as he explores the lifestyles, scenery, and history in each new location. Whether it’s a bustling urban harbour or a secluded anchorage, a high-speed powerboat race, or a vintage Navy sailing vessel, there are boating stories everywhere.

“The pandemic has been a long haul, but the boating industry saw an explosion of interest because people saw what I’ve known for years: boating is the best!" says Bull. "Whether you want to fish with friends, play around with family, or go on that bucket-list cruise, there’s no shortage of good times to be had on the water. I want to share as many of those stories as I can."

While Season 1 will focus on Ontario locales, Season 2 is set to expand Canada-wide. But first, there's a host of places for boaters to experience alongside Bull and his guests: “Starting the show in Ontario was for two reasons. First of all, I grew up here and know a lot of the destinations and boating lifestyles. Second of all, turns out there’s a lot I don’t know! Before I explore North America, and then the rest of the world’s, boating stories I figured I should do a deep dive in my own backyard. Ontario is truly one of the greatest boating regions in the world from the Great Lakes to the historic Trent-Severn Waterway to the thousands of lakes across the province.”

You can get details for the first four episodes below: Episode One- SERIES OVERVIEW/TORONTO - gives an overview of what to expect on the show, features the maritime tradition of the Beaver Hat Ceremony in the Port of Toronto which dates back to 1861. Steve checks out the Miami International Boat Show, and gives tips on how to back up a trailer.

Episode Two- PETERBOROUGH - Parks Canada’s Chad Buchner takes Steve behind-the-scenes of the world famous Peterborough Lift Lock and even lets him “drive” it before getting on the water with a local collector of 1960s Amphicars. Steve gets to drive a baby blue amphibious car into the water. Introduction of Guarav Shinde as he prepares to set sail for a solo circumnavigation sailing race. Down to Anderson, South Carolina to follow professional angler, and Peterborough’s own, Chris Johnston at the million-dollar Bassmaster Classic.

Episode Three- MUSKOKA - For 150 years this has been a boat-loving summer escape. Steve dives into the history from steamships - including a sneak peak at the not-seen-in-20-years “Wanda” as it’s under restoration - to beautiful wooden powerboats. But times change and so does summer fun… the SWS Muskoka waterski show has been a Tuesday night tradition and has been running for half-a-century. Not content to simply watch, Steve straps the jets on his feet and try flyboarding and wake surfing… not quite show-ready though. Episode Four - NIAGARA’S SOUTH SHORE - It’s more than wineries and waterfalls around here! Steve takes his boat through the Welland Canal to Port Colborne and explores the stories on the south shore of Niagara, which is Lake Erie’s northeaster shore. From historic lighthouses to family-friendly adventures, this is a boaters paradise and draws a lot of visitors from across Ontario, Ohio and Michigan.

Water Ways will be open to viewers to submit their input or ideas, so don't be a stranger to reach out to Bull and his team. “I want to hear from you, my fellow boaters! Get in touch with the show and send us tips, ideas and thoughts for future content. We're here to help you explore boating.”

Don't miss the premiere episode this Saturday at 11 am EST on Global TV Ontario. Those outside the province can check for listing details. Follow the show on Instagram and on Facebook. Visit for more information.

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