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Pavati & Roush Racing Collaborate on Epic Towboat

We've covered the constant and (generally) beneficial overlap between the automotive and marine industries before.

They're like peas and carrots, those two. One rules the land, the other the sea. Both are the primary mode of transportation on their respective surfaces.

When the two collaborate, sometimes you get a glimpse into the future of boating. Sometimes you get a glimpse into the future of the automotive world. And sometimes, well, sometimes it's just downright quirky.

And then sometimes you get an epic collab -- a company from each industry taking the shiniest product they have and mixing it with the shiniest product from their counterpart.

The result? An epic towboat setup that combines an ultra-lux Pavati wakeboat, a high-performance Indmar engine in the boat with a full compliment of Roush Performance parts. And the tow vehicle? A custom Roush Super Duty Ford F-250.

But let's focus on the boat, because we can.

For those unfamiliar, Pavati makes arguably the most luxurious wakeboats on the market. They're not cheap (duh), but like many high-end products, you get what you pay for. That being said, Pavati has had some bad luck lately. Not because there's anything wrong with the boats, far from it, but because of some unusual operator errors that keep making headlines. In either case, they're beautiful machines and well worth the pricetag.

Which brings us to the custom Roush Indmar Pavati AL26. If your eyebrows aren't raising yet, they should be.

The custom collab takes a standard Pavati AL26 wakeboat and adds a list of performance features that have never been built into an inboard wakeboat.

Most notably is the power under the hood. The AL26 features a 6.2L 'Roushcharged' Raptor engine from Indmar. It pulls a whopping 510 horsepower with 600 ft. lbs. of torque. The neatest part? The boat has what's called 'vital view' -- a transparent engine compartment literally has windows providing a full 360 view of the engine. In other words, you can see the engine through the walls of the boat. That handy feature also brings with it 360 degrees of access to the engine itself, which means modifications, repairs, and maintenance are infinitely easier. And for a little extra pizzazz, the engine bay is outfitted with RGB lighting to illuminate that sweet engine any colour of the rainbow.

One of the other coolest features is the "surf lounge with surf screen." Basically, the stern 'surf lounge' has a 7" digital monitor that's synced with the helm screen. This allows the rider to see the pre-set boat speed and settings while they're riding. That will come in handy with the boat's other sweet feature -- autopilot. The AL26 is the first wakeboat to have autopilot as standard equipment, meaning drivers can experience a much simpler driving experience like their larger commercial boating friends.

Here's a quick breakdown of all the perks:

360° Engine Access This allows for quick and easy servicing of the reliable Indmar engine.

Surf Lounge with Surf Screen Synced with Indmar the rear display screen allows the rider to see the pre-set speed.

Vital Vue See thru engine access panels for important side views of the engine and bilge areas.

Pavati RGB Engine Cowling The “diamond” of a ring and the Pavati touch to Indmars performance engine custom-made RGB engine cover elevates the look of the engine room.

22” Garmin Display with Autopilot Only wake boat with 22” Garmin and Autopilot capability. Autopilot holds your course even when your boat is pitching and rolling in rough water. Offers flexible installation options and requires a minimum amount of commissioning and calibration. The result is that everyone onboard enjoys a more comfortable ride while heading error, course deviation, rudder movement and power consumption are minimized.

All-Aluminum Construction Only wake boat that’s all-aluminum construction.

Bow and Stern Thrusters A single press of a button will park the boat alongside a dock.

Check out the video below with Jack Roush Jr., the VP of Marketing at Roush Performance, discussing the project:

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