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Nomadic Boating - Off-Grid Adventure Boating in Australia

By: Scott Way

Boating is one of the great pursuits of solitude and self-discovery. Much like hiking, camping, or mountaineering, those seeking the wilds of the world will overcome insurmountable odds to go where few, if any, have traveled before. Boating carries the same mindset as its terrestrial counterparts. Those in search of isolated water employ dogged determination to find and explore places far removed from crowded launch ramps and bustling marinas. But when it comes to landlocked boating, a little extra ingenuity is required.

For Australian YouTubers Jase and Simon from All 4 Adventure, nomadic boating in the deeps of the outback offers a rare glimpse at what's possible when you combine off-grid living with boating's sense of adventure.

The duo both use SeaJay fishing boats in different configurations depending on their needs, and each boat is designed to fit on top of both vehicles and trailers. Cartopping gives them access to secluded lakes and rivers by perching them atop seriously capable 4 wheel drive vehicles and ATV's that make nearly any terrain passable.

In the video below, the pair walk you through their SeaJay 3.7 Nomad HS and SeaJay 4.28 Bay Seeker setups, both with clever design modifications to make their adventures possible. The 3.7 can be towed behind an ATV on a trailer for limitless access, while the 4.28 is capable of long distance travel with a load of gear for extended trips beyond the range of the vehicle. A 50 hp Mercury outboard with tiller steering produces ample power for each boat's relative size and weight, and adjustable seats and storage mean the boat can be custom outfitted depending on the trip. Narrow frame hulls with custom elevated sidewalls make them safer in Australia's croc infested backcountry waters, while also creating some surprisingly capable big water boating potential. Re-designed interiors with smart storage compartments allow them to carry additional gear while the boat is on top of a vehicle, meaning they bring more equipment without sacrificing space inside the vehicle or on the trailer.

You can follow Jase & Simon on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Check out their breakdown of their boating setups in the video below:

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