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Mercury Racing Unveils New 300 HP CNC Cleaver Propeller

By: Scott Way

Mercury Racing continues their impressive expansion in 2020 with the unveiling of the all-new 300HP 5-Blade Cleaver Propeller. Designed to pair with the 300R engine, the proprietary blade profile maximizes performance, delivers stronger acceleration, and provides more top-end speed. The impressively-dubbed 'surface piercing design' produces better numbers than the existing 400 HP CNC Cleaver prop, despite being run on the 300R outboard. The new prop design also offers better overall performance with existing legacy Mercury Racing 300XS and 300X outboards.

According to Steve Miller, the director of marketing, sales, and service for Mercury Racing, "(w)hile mainly aimed at twin-outboard catamaran applications, this new propeller design will also take single-engine, padded-vee bottom and tunnel boats to a new level of performance. There’s no room for error when driving these high-performance boats and that’s the approach we take when building propellers.”

Compared to cast propellers, the new cleaver design offers benefits beyond the standardized manufacturing process seen elsewhere. Pitch, diameter, and rake are more consistent with the new CNC machining process, thereby generating better fit, speed, and handling. Not only is the 5-blade Cleaver Propeller designed to pair with the Sport Master gearcase and maximize at elevated engine heights, it also reduces slip percentages in outboard Sport Master applications. Thousands of pitch, rake, and diameter combinations are available and offer the ability to tweak performance as needed. Each Cleaver Propeller is made to order and comes in a diameter range of 14.5"-15.5", a pitch range of 26"-40" (in one inch increments), and option 15-degree or 18-degree rake.

In typical Mercury fashion they also offer a full-range of product services beyond initial purchase. You can test slip percentages with their Prop Slip Calculator, and to prevent damage during storage or transport you can also get a high-quality propeller case. All Mercury Racing propellers also come with a one year warranty and come shipped in a molded plastic Mercury Racing CNC case.

Earlier this year Mercury also released a 5 Blade CNC Cleaver 600 HP-rated propeller to pair with existing 520, 525, 540, 565, and 600 SCI engines when mated to the Bravo XR Sport and Sport Master drives.

To read the full breakdown, head over to Mercury Racing's press release.

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