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Massive Fish Pulls Two Florida Anglers Overboard During Epic Catch

By: Scott Way

Anything worth having never comes easy.

A fishing charter out of Cape Coral, Florida earned their legendary status this week by reeling in a huge 450 pound Atlantic Goliath Grouper. The crew from Chew On This Charters, who were hired to take a group out for a birthday fishing trip, uploaded a video to YouTube earlier his week that went viral before adding a second video yesterday showing more of the epic battle footage.

According to the group, the chunky fish took the bait and promptly pulled the rod, and one of the fishermen, overboard. Having lost the rod (and a cellphone), they somehow spotted the rod 20 mins later in 40 feet of water and managed to snag it with the boat's anchor. Amazingly, the fish was still attached. A second attempt to get a photo for the victor resulted in another crew going overboard.

According to an interview from captain Ben Chancey with Fox News, the featured guest Mike, who was celebrating his 30th birthday, was told he was going on a manatee sightseeing trip. The trip was planned by his friend Eric, a soldier who fought in Afganistan, and his girlfriend Jenny, a registered nurse.

According to Chancey, Mike hooked the massive grouper quickly in “ultra-clear” water. Since he appeared to be handling himself, Chancey let him reel it in solo.

“After about 10 seconds of fighting the giant fish on his own he was pulled down to the gunnel and was lifted overboard,” Chancey said. “When he went over he grabbed the side of the boat and then had the rod pulled out of his hand. The rod was lost.”

Amazingly, Jenny spotted the rod about 20 minutes later thanks in part to the clear water. They initially planned on swimming down to grab the rod using snorkel gear from a nearby boat, but somehow managed to hook it with the boat’s anchor. Then they noticed the grouper was still attached.

“We transferred the rod to Eric so Mike could jump in and get a great pic with his catch,” Chancey explained. “While Eric was holding the rod the fish made a mad dash for the bottom again launching Eric overboard with the rod and reel. Eric eventually released the lever drag while hanging on the side of the boat so I could get the rod from him. I took the rod and re-landed the Goliath Grouper while Eric threw his phone and keys in the boat because they were wet from him being pulled overboard.”

When they finally managed to release the fish a well-earned round of applause can be heard from nearby goats gathered to watch.

These guys aren't the only ones reeling in massive fish this summer. NBA legend Michael Jordan reeled in a huge 442 lb marlin two weeks ago in a fishing tournament in North Carolina.

Check out the epic battle below. Looks like a good time all around:

You can keep up with Chew On This on their website and on Facebook.

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