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Man Restores Abandoned Family Boat into Epic Survival Ship

By: Scott Way

There's something to be said for keeping family tradition alive. For YouTuber Jiggin' With Jordan, who has amassed a huge following making videos diving for lost items and returning them to their rightful owners (seriously, he's found some pretty cool stuff), he took his followers on a fun journey through his family's history by rebuilding his childhood boat.

Originally called Survey This, the Striper Boats Seaswirl cuddy cabin was used by his family during his childhood but was left unattended for the last several years. Jordan apparently made a deal with his mother and stepfather that if he could restore it to useable condition, the boat was free. It took him 10 months, but he turned a pretty decrepit old cuddy cabin into an impressive new ride. The boat was redone from tip to tail and Jordan takes you through a pretty fun sequence of rebuilding it into an impressively updated vessel. Now dubbed Jiggin' (because, hey, a guy has to stay on brand), the boat underwent a fell cosmetic restoration, engine rebuild, and a full electronics update. Mom loved it too!

Check out the video below to watch an old boat find a second life:

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