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Malibu Boats Surprises with Video Walkthrough of All-New 2021 M220 Surf Boat

By: Scott Way

2021 Malibu M220
2021 Malibu M220

There is a growing trend for 2021 to release mid-size boats that give consumers more versatile options that compared to the standard 'bigger is better' approach. It's created some great options for 2021, and Malibu is utilizing the mantra to launch the all-new M220. Compared to its larger sibling the M240, the M220 will offer an impressive array of features and options for its size while also offering similar performance. Malibu is referring to the M220 as "a new level of mid-size dominance," and it will boast more freeboard within the classic M-Line hull shape. In essence, the boat is designed to cut the water like a larger hull while offering the precise handling of a more compact boat. The added freeboard also allows for more passengers (up to 15), more ballast, and more storage space.

According to Cory Dugger, VP of Engineering at Malibu, "From a design standpoint, exterior and interior it takes a lot of similarities from the M240. The CNC stitching on the inside, and the exterior styling. Feature wise, it has to live up to that M Series name. When a customer purchases the M220 they're going to get the the best performing surf wave and the best performing wakeboard wave out there, bar none. Also, whoever is driving the boat is going to have the best experience. This boat will handle like no other 22-foot boat on the market today."

New Features for 2021

New features for the 2021 M220 include a standard G5 Tower in a standard arch, or the upgraded GX Tower with automatic raising and lowering. The GX Tower even has a mister option with a spray nozzle for cooling off crew during hot summer rides. There's also a new EMLS Fast Fill Ballast, which Malibu claims will improve fill time by 150%. The rear ballast system is designed to integrate with optional plug and play bags that use the same Command Center operating system as the hard tank system, creating a full time of less than 4 minutes.

In terms of maneuverability, the M22 will also have Stern Turn™, a rear thruster under the swim platform that allows drivers to make tight controlled movements at the dock or for a quick rider pick-up. The thruster's electric motor is water cooled for longer continuous use, and also does not compromise storage space by being fully integrated into the rear platform without requiring additional batteries.

The M220 will utilize the mOS Operating System, which includes a number of helpful presets for wave riders including Wakeboard Beginniner, Wakeboard Advanced, as well as Surf Left or Surf Right. The helm is thorough and intuitive with touchscreen utilization for all features. The mOS system also comes equipped with Surf Gate™, Power Wedge™ III and Surf Band™. Surf Gate™ is Malibu’s patented surf system for wave creation on either side of the boat, Power Wedge™ III shapes the wake or wave to your preference e using available presets or customization, and Surf Band™ gives the rider the ability to control the settings while riding. Boat speed, wave switching, wedge controls, and music volume can all be controlled without requiring driver adjustment.

There's also the handy Flip Down Swim Step™, which offers great stern lounging options. The step locks into place either stored on the swim platform or deployed in the water and uses custom Malibu soft grip coats on both the step and the platform for comfort and safety.

The M220 comes standard with Malibu's Monsoon M6Di direct injection engine. It is also available with the Monsoon M5Di or Monsoon LT4 powered by GM Marine. Engines are built in-house at Malibu’s 70,000-square-foot engine plant and come with the same five-year factory warranty as the hull.


Hull Length- 22'5"/6.83 m

Beam- 102"/2.59 m

Draft- 32"/0.81 m

Max Capacity- 15

Approx. Dry Weight- 6,200 lbs /2,812 kg

Approx. Dry Weight- 6,200 lbs / 2,812 kg

Fuel Capacity- 79 gal / 299 L

Max Ballast- 5,160 lbs / 2,341 kg

Engine- M6Di Power 430 hp / 460 ft-lbs (optional M5Di 350 hp or LT4 600 hp engines)

Hull Type- M-Line

To get an in-depth look at the engineering that went into the M220 check out the video below:

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