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Lamborghini Builds Limited Edition Luxury Yacht Inspired by Sián Supercar

By: Scott Way

The overlap between performance cars and superyachts is obvious: both are high performance luxury modes of travel for a niche clientele. The notion of infusing the marine with the automotive isn't a novel idea, but when done correctly the results can be exceptional.

Famed Italian automaker Lamborghini has collaborated with The Italian Sea Group to present the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, a limited edition motor yacht built in ode to Lamborghini's 1963 inaugural year.

As one might expect, the Lamborghini 63 is fabricated with ultra-modern tech from bow to stern. The high-performance shell was designed by naval engineers with specializations in hydrodynamic science -- the intention being to create the aquatic performance of an equivalent terrestrial Lambo. The shell design draws aesthetic inspiration from the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, a hybrid V12 supercar with heretofore unseen supercapacitor-based hybrid tech. That hybridization seems plenty powerful, as the FKP37 is capable of generating 602 kW of power and a max speed of 350 km/h, not to mention a holeshot from 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. The Tecnomar 63, for its part, has a top speed of 60 knots (69 mph) which is exemplary for a 63-foot motor yacht.

In the Lamborghini press release Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, stated: ”This yacht represents the significance of creating a valuable partnership, at its best: our co-operation allows the essence of both organizations’ style and expertise to be transferred to different worlds, sharing in their diversity to interpret and add value to the final product in a new environment. If I had to imagine a Lamborghini on water, this would be my vision. I’m delighted to celebrate this successful collaboration.”

As for the superyacht itself, Tecnomar's carbon-fiber construction allows for an "ultra-lightweight" boat classification with the 63-foot boat weighing just 24 tons. It's powered by dual MAN V12 engines with a total output of 2,000 horsepower. Other aesthetic interior choices draw inspiration from classic Lamborghini styles, including the Countach and the Miura of the 60s and 70s, and a hardtop that bears comparisons to early Lambo roadster stylings.

Naturally the vessel isn't entry level, as any plebian knows that once a Lamborghini emblem is embossed on the hood (or the hull, in this case) the price tag jumps. The 'Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63' (I would have preferred a shortened moniker, perhaps simply TL63, or Lamboyachty 63, because why not?) comes in at a pocket change price of 3 million Euros, or roughly $4 million US.

Conor MacGregor yacht purchase
Conor McGregor (right) with Vice President of The Italian Sea Group Giuseppe Taranto.

The novelty of the Lamboyacht has hit the mainstream too, as UFC fighter and former two-division champion Conor MacGregor recently purchased the 12th of the 63 available production slots. The 12th position is ceremonial in nature in honour of his Proper 12 whiskey brand, and the vessel is expected to be ready for summer 2021. No word yet on what the boat will be called but I reckon 'Notorious' is on the short list, if that isn't already the name of the Prestige 750 he picked up in 2019.

Check out this videos below to get a full walkthrough of the boat:

*unveiling starts around the 8:00 mark

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