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Kawasaki Overhauls Supercharged Ultra 310 Series

By: Scott Way

2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310 PWC
The supercharged Ultra 310 series has undergone a full redesign for 2022

Kawasaki has announced the biggest overhaul to its supercharged Ultra 310 series in 14 years. The new lineup has been fully redesigned to include exciting new features like preset engine power modes, launch modes, a "smart" reverse system, and a 7" interactive display. Major changes to the hull shape, seat arrangement and design, and engine power layout round out the changes. The new series will be available in three models, the Jet Ski Ultra 310X, Jet Ski® Ultra® 310LX-S, and the Jet Ski® Ultra® 310LX.

Engine power for each model comes from a liquid-cooled supercharged in-line 4-cylinder 1498 cc engine. A fully redesigned 22.5 degree deep-V hull shape improves maneuverability and better banking performance, a smoother ride in choppy conditions, and better range. A large 21.1 gallon (80 L) fuel tank is the largest of any PWC in its class and provides extended usage and increase range under higher RPM.

The list of new features on the Ultra 310 series includes:

  • Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD) 

  • 7” TFT instrumentation with smartphone connectivity and multiple display modes 

  • Power mode selection 

  • Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM) 

  • Functional storage featuring an easy side-access storage space 

  • Slim seat

  • Spacious foot wells 

  • Easy-access cleats

  • 3D deck design with Kawasaki River Mark badging 

  • Power mode selection 

  • Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM) 

  • Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD) 

  • 7” TFT instrumentation with smartphone connectivity and multiple display modes 

  • Easy-access side storage

One of the biggest visual changes relative to previous versions is storage. The nose packs an impressive 124 L of space, with the stern also containing a 2.8 L storage locker. Two gullwing-style hatches on either side of the seat reveal another 40 L of storage, and a watertight 1.7 L hatch on the console provides immediate access and secure storage for important items like a wallet or cell phone.

The seat configuration is noticeably narrower for 2022, with larger footwells on either side to aid with comfort and positioning when travelling at high-speed or in tough conditions. A 7" multifunction colour display also includes Bluetooth connectivity and provides readouts for a trip meter, compass, fuel levels, RPM, water temperature, supercharger pressure, and trim levels. Perhaps the most exciting feature added to the Ultra 310's display is access to the all-new power and launch modes.

Each model of the Ultra 310 will include power modes to regulate engine output for low power, mid-power, or full power depending on application. At low power the engine is capped at 60% output, mid-power allows up to 80%, and full power has no restrictions for the 1.5 L four-cylinder engine. The "SLO" modes (Smart Learning Operation) are accessible by a button on the left handlebar, allowing the rider to make adjustments on the fly for different riding conditions or skill levels. By default the engine is preset at mid-power until otherwise adjusted. SLO mode can also be activated by using a second key fob.

The new Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM) has also been created to control engine output for tow sports. Launch mode automatically adjusts the trim on the 310's jet nozzle to provide a consistent hole shot with no need for the rider to make manual adjustments while getting underway. An all-new rearview camera that can be monitored on the display may also help the rider while towing, although individual regulations by state or country must be considered as most require a second rider/spotter for towsports. The rearview camera will also come in handy for docking by providing a 155° horizontal and 115° vertical range of sight mounted from the rear seat.

Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD) also makes its debut on the Ultra 310 series. The system is activated via thumb switch on the right handlebar which enables the thrust to be controlled with one hand. When the thumb switch is fully depressed, the Trim up and down buttons can be used to increase or decrease the engine rpm to adjust thrust, allowing for more precise control when maneuvering the watercraft while docking. When the reverse thumb switch is released, the drive mode returns to neutral and the engine returns to idle.

Suggested MSRP starts at $17,999 USD for the Ultra 310X in Ebony/Turquoise, $18,999 USD for the Ultra 310LX-S in Ebony/Lime Green, and $19,199 USD for the 310LX in Ebony/Gold.

You can get the first look at the 2022 Ultra 310 series in the video below:

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