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Great White Smashes Through Diver’s Cage in Scary Viral Video

Boats are made of sturdy fibreglass, right?

You know what makes some boaters uneasy? Sharks.

Not all boaters, mind you, but some. Why, you might ask? The likely reason is that sharks live in water, which is also coincidentally where your boat is. Sometimes, those two things come together and its no big deal. Sometimes it is. Not everyone is a fan of things that eat other things.

That being said, if you're one of those boaters that doesn't flinch when one of nature's best killing machines starts circling your cabin cruiser, well, we salute you. Enjoy some snorkeling in Hawaii, go deep sea diving off the coast of Australia, mingle among the seals on the islands outside San Francisco. Fill your boots, as they say.

However, for those who have second thoughts when dangling their feet over the side, maybe the video below isn't for you. Maybe you should stick to freshwater, too.

Some adventurous chap named Jimi Partington, who's also a tv show host and a shark guide, decided to build a clear plastic "shark cage" and dangle himself just below the surface to entice some Great White sharks to come hang out.

They did. Big ones.

In the latest Shark Week documentary Great White Open Ocean, Partington gets a visit from a 4.8 metre (that's almost 16 feet!) shark who, for lack of a better term, obliterates his shark cage.

The cage is actually considered a legitimate 'diver's box,' and is made from a material called Perspex (aka- plexiglass). Some might question that legitimacy, as you'll see.

Partington said about the encounter, “It’s been three years in the making and I can’t wait for you all to see my incredible journey, including the closest I’ve ever been to a great white shark!”

Yeah, that's close alright.

Spoiler alert: Jimi was fine. The film's director Jeff Kurr added, “We were able to capture this encounter on film, and it’s probably the most spectacular sequence in Shark Week history. It’s also miraculous because when Jimi was hit by the shark, he didn’t get a scratch on him. He actually had to swim for his life back to the boat, but he was fine.”

I'm guessing the Discovery Channel couldn't get the rights to using Peter Benchley's theme music from JAWS, but the music they used is very fitting. It really enhances the moment when a 2000 lb death machine decides to treat a shark cage like a cardboard box.

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