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Godfrey Launches 'Mighty G' Electric Pontoon

2023 Godfrey Pontoon Mighty G
The 2023 Godfrey Pontoon Mighty G

Godfrey says the new Mighty G is designed "specifically for electric propulsion."

Indiana's Godfrey Pontoons has announced a new model for 2023- the fully electric Mighty G.

The new model will be Godfrey's first foray into electric propulsion and was designed from the ground-up as an electric platform for recreational cruising. It can also be paired with traditional gas-powered engines.

In a company statement, Ben Duke, the president of marine business for Polaris, said, “with electric motors gaining traction with current boaters and those looking for their first pontoon, our product team designed the Mighty G with electric propulsion in mind right from the start – it wasn’t an afterthought or an add-on. The teams incorporated design elements to support maximizing the efficiency of the platform, such as using full-sized tubes to enable ideal flotation levels and minimize drag in the water, making Mighty G optimal for customers looking for an electric pontoon. Additionally, Mighty G can pair with traditional gas-powered propulsion systems, creating an incredibly versatile option for all boaters in the market for a pontoon.”

With a relatively short LOA of 15'7" and a 7'6" beam, and a dry weight of just 1250 lbs, the Mighty G is small, but as the name implies, mighty. It offers impressive seating for up to seven passengers, as well as a shortened deck height off the tubes that is designed to create a stiffer chassis that increases performance and efficiency.

The Mighty G will be available in two models, the 1476F (fishing) or 1476C (cruising), and will have three options from the Torqeedo Cruise series of outboards - the Cruise 3.0, Cruise 6.0 or Cruise 12.0 electric engines. The largest Cruise 12.0 option, which generates 12kW of continuous power, generates propulsion similar to a standard 25 HP outboard.

One of the benefits to electric propulsion, aside from the silent operation, is it will make the Mighty G usable in lakes or reservoirs where gas-powered propulsion isn't allowed. For gas-powered outboards, the Mighty G is rated up to 50 HP, which generates enough thrust for other activities like waterskiiing and tubing.

Standard features include bench-style seating, a telescoping EZ Climb Ladder, Clarion sound system, and a fishing station with rod holders and tackle storage (standard on the Fish model, an option on the Cruise model). Additionally, Godfrey has released the new Nightshade boat cover as standard on both models. The cover is trailerable up to 70 mph and provides convenient access to the boat when attached.

Full 360-degree RGB under deck lighting is available, as well as an optional sunshade for protection from the sun and a cell phone mount at the helm station.

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I'm 71 asked my dad at a marine repair shop when I was a kid, what is that big tall Homeliite outboard motor? He explained it was a 4 stroke like a car motor. Too heavy,too many parts that's why they stuck with 2 strokes son. Now turn around has the next generation, asking Hey dad what's going on with the Gas 4 stroke? It's ancient son electric is non polluted,lighter, ect , ect maybe hydrogen? Next I will have see if I live long enough