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Floating Motors is 'Resto-Floating' Classic Car Designs Into Modern Boats

By: Scott Way

A new company dubbed Floating Motors is turning classic car designs into luxury motorboats. The company calls their stylistic method 'resto floating,' as opposed to the typical car terminology of 'resto mod,' and honestly we're here for it.

Some of their designs include the classic Porsche 550 Spyder, the Jaguar E-Type, the original Fiat 500 and Mini, the Dodge Charger, the Mercedes-Benz SLS, and the Volkswagen Microbus. The VW is likely to appeal to boaters the most with its cruiser-style layout including a full top deck and a rear hatch. The idea is, according to the company, to “deliver a unique and original water vehicle, respecting the original spirit of the vehicle.”

Floating Motors is joint venture between Italian boat-maker Jet Capsule, who make ultramodern pod-style water taxis, and Lazzarini Design Studio and hasn't yet produced any boats beyond digital renderings, but that can all change with your investment or donation. The company is actively looking for donations as low as US $1000 (which will get you a $5000 discount off a boat once they're in production), up to US $35,000 investment to become a "full partner" in the business. Investors with full partner status will also receive one of the La Dolce models, which resembles the Fiat 500, once production has begun.

The hulls are made with respect to the size and dimension of the cars they mimic and range in length from 9.8 feet (presumably for the Mini) up to 24.6 feet. Depending on the model and size, the boats will be offered with either a Torqeedo electric engine or Mercruiser outboard configurations ranging from 40-240 horsepower. The La Dolce/Fiat 500 model is their entry level model and comes in at 12'6" (3.8 m) with a 6' beam (1.6 m), a 40 hp electric outboard, and seating for two passengers. ​

(*Editor's Note- I would like a Mini with 240 hp, please.)

One of the more intriguing features about the designs (aside from the fact you can get one dressed up as the General Lee), is they can be configured in one of three ways: as a classic boat hull, at a twin-hull catamaran, or as a hydrofoil. The LaFoil design comes with a 70 hp electric pod engine and a starting price of US $60,000.

The applications for the boats are nearly as limitless as they are fun. Aside from the appeal to classic car enthusiasts or even recreational boaters looking for something unique, the boats could also serve as a tender, water taxi, or commercial shuttle.

You can get a 3D look at their designs in the video below:

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