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Everglades Reaches Milestone with 1000th 243cc Hull

By: Scott Way

Everglades Boats has reached a major milestone with the building of their 1000th 243cc hull. The industry leading bay boat/offshore hybrid debuted in 2004, and the Edgewater, Florida manufacturer been churning them out an impressive clip ever since. Due to growing demand and the boat's relentless popularity, hulls 1000-1072 are already allotted for 2021, ensuring the company will enjoy another brisk year of manufacturing.

Generally considered a hybridized version of a bay/offshore boat, the 243cc has few direct competitors in its segment. When coupled with its applicability to the waterways of its home turf, its popularity makes perfect sense. The boat handles well on both shallow inlets and larger rough water, making it an obvious choice for coastal boaters on both sides of the continent who mix inland and offshore travel.

According to Ben Cast, Everglades President and COO, “The 243 brought another level of respect and recognition to Everglades. And it still stands today. All of the innovation and change that has happened over the last 16 years and the 243 is still the best in its class. The 1000th hull represents the hard work of every employee – preserving the reputation it first created in 2004.”

The manufacturer now boasts nearly 50 dealers across the US from California to Maine to the Florida Keys. The company, which is owned by Chicago-based Grand Crossing Capital, also underwent an expansion in 2019, giving them an additional 53,000 square feet of additional space to compliment their existing 120,000 square foot primary facility. All told, the company is set to continue their growth with the 243cc leading the charge.

With nearly 50 dealer locations nationally, the 243cc can be found in harbors from Newport, California to Portland, Maine to the Florida Keys. Hulls 1001 - 1072 are already scheduled for production, setting Everglades up for another successful year with the flagship 243 leading the fleet.

Check out the capabilities of the hybrid 243cc in the video below:

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