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Crestliner Launches Redesigned Super Hawk Series

2024 Crestliner Super Hawk 1750
The 2024 Crestliner Super Hawk 1750

Crestliner Boats, a leading brand within the larger Brunswick Corporation, is making upgrades for 2024.

The company has announced a complete redesign of the longstanding and popular Super Hawk Series which includes a new hull design, new features, and more amenities throughout.

With length variations from 17-19 feet and starting at just $45,500 USD ($61,000 Cdn), the reimagined Super Hawk models offer an adaptive platform that works for a multitude of scenarios.

Whether going bass fishing or taking your family for a day on the water, the Super Hawk series is a unique blend of comfort and performance. For 2024, the new features will include:

  • A redesigned console with low profile gauges, amble space for mounted electronics and integrated tool holders

  • Sleek interior design with updated vinyl patterns and graphics

  • Bow conversion kit to give options for a full fishing deck or open bow for a more “runabout” feel

  • Mid-raised rod locker

  • Deep sidewalls and raised cockpit for improved comfort and safety

The updated models will feature the Active Performance Hull or AP-X Hull, which is the latest in Deep-V innovation and unique to Crestliner. It is the first of its kind for aluminum boats. The recessed pad design features dual tracking edges to quickly get on plane and actively channel water to the prop for maximum fuel efficiency and improved engine performance. All Super Hawk models come equipped with Mercury engines.

Boat drivers and passengers alike will experience the difference in synergy with the AP-X Hull and Mercury high-performance handling. The all-new Super Hawks get on plane faster and allows for better visibility.

“The Super Hawk model has long been a favorite among fishing and boating enthusiasts,” said Jason Oakes, General Manager of Crestliner Boats in a company statement. “This redesign elevates the performance and design without sacrificing the unique components that have made it special throughout the years. The incorporation of the AP-X Hull, redesigned console and a fresh new interior creates an experience everyone will enjoy.”

The 1750, 1850 and 1950 Super Hawks are now available at dealers nationwide.

You can get a quick walkthrough of the new Super Hawk series in the video below:

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