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Chris-Craft Unveils Zero Emission Electric Concept Launch 25 GTe

2023 Chris-Craft Launch 25 GTe concept
The 2023 Chris-Craft Launch 25 GTe concept

One of boating's most revered and longstanding brands has unveiled their first-ever electric boat concept.

Legacy builder Chris-Craft Boats has revealed the 100% electric Launch 25 GTe concept model at the Miami International Boat Show.

The luxury bowrider is sterndrive powered via a 420 horsepower EVOA electric motor paired with a 133 KWh battery bank.

The power configuration can generate a top speed over 50 mph with over two hours of run time.

The Launch 25 GTe concept boat was built in collaboration with EVOA Propulsion, a leading developer of electric propulsion systems for the recreational marine market.

In a press release, Chris-Craft president Stephen Heese said: “The Chris-Craft brand has always been synonymous with the finest quality and craftsmanship in the industry, and today we unveil an all-electric concept boat that meets those same standards. The Launch 25 GTe is our exploration into the burgeoning electric boat space and our next step on a continuous journey of bringing innovation to the marine industry.”

The 25 GTe was designed and built in partnership with Chris-Craft parent company Winnebago Industries, who purchased the brand in 2018, and their Advanced Technology Group.

Winnebago and the ATG are currently in the midst of testing their own 100% electric RV prototype, making it the perfect time to transfer their growing electric capability into the marine market.

ATG vice president Shailendra Singh also added in the release, “Our Advanced Technology Group is excited to partner with the Chris-Craft team to bring forward electric drivetrain advances to an iconic brand. This is our first manifestation of an electric marine product under the Winnebago Industries portfolio, and we look forward to making future advancements within our marine segment.”

You can get the first look at the Launch 25 GTe in the video below:

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