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Caudwell Marine Reveals 300 hp V6 Diesel Outboard for 2024 Release

Caudwell Marine 300 hp diesel outboard

After surprising the boating world in May with the announcement of their outboard prototype, burgeoning British manufacturer Caudwell Marine has revealed their completed 300 horsepower turbocharged diesel outboard.

The V6 diesel powerhead will hit the open market in 2024.

The new outboard engine incorporates several innovative features to deliver power, performance, maneuverability, and efficiency for boaters looking for a durable and reliable outboard. Despite its significant power, the engine is economical to run with significant savings versus standard gas outboards of equivalent power. Ahead of the official launch, Caudwell Marine will publish performance data demonstrating real-world savings that owners can expect across a range of different vessels and conditions.

Commercial Director of Caudwell Marine, Peter Ordway said in a company statement: “In line with our customer’s feedback, our focus has been to produce a robust, reliable and high performance diesel outboard. However, we have added product features which we believe provide a clear and direct benefit to the boat user but critically also adhere to our mantra of going beyond market expectations, delivering market leading ‘usability’ alongside ultra-reliability."

300 hp V6 Diesel Powerhead: At the heart of the engine is a 300hp turbocharged V6 diesel powerhead that delivers 590nm of torque at 2,200 RPM. The powerhead features a robust cast iron long block, capable of withstanding intense duty cycles along with an advanced closed loop cooling system.

Axis-Drive Steering System: The engine features a patented integrated steering system known as the ‘Axis Drive’. This electro-hydraulic steering system articulates steering from the lower part of the outboard leg only, with the powerhead and ‘upper’ leg section remaining stationary in the turn. The Axis Drive steering system operates at a 120 degree angle, ensuring propellers are deployed to effectively deliver power throughout the turn, providing full control at both high and low speeds and in all conditions.

Dual Propeller: The Axis-Drive Steering System is further enhanced by a contra-rotating dual propeller setup, which transfers the power of the outboard to the water with added grip and balanced torque, whilst at the same time driving increased fuel efficiency.

Twin Clutch Gearbox: Featuring a sophisticated twin clutch system, this marine focused gearbox provides smooth gear engagement between forward and reverse. The proportional hydraulic technology within the gearbox allows independent control of the two clutches, leading to seamless directional transitions at high and low speed and features full crash-stop functionality.

Cowling: The engine's cowling features a service hatch for ease of access during daily checks and maintenance. The ‘user focused’ cowling design aims to ensure easy maintenance of key components such as the water pump, along with the ability to evacuate and replace both engine oil and lower unit oil from the back of the vessel.

VCS: The Vessel Control System is ergonomically designed with a premium look and feel. Supplied with industry leading functionality as standard, such as electronic stop/start, anti-theft functionality, MFD outputs and multi-helm station options, the VCS is equipped comprehensively and designed for a straight-forward user experience. A joystick control package with dynamic positioning is available as an additional option, providing precise control and effortless maneuverability.

You can get a look at the motor below, including its unique cowling design and adaptability.

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