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'BoatBQ' Part Two- The Art of Cooking While Underway

By: Scott Way

One of boating's best complimentary aspects is the food. As if spending a day on the water wasn't great already, you generally get to enjoy a creative meal in an exciting place with a better view than your kitchen table. If you have any culinary inclinations whatsoever, preparing and cooking aboard a boat is a tonne of fun because it presents the additional challenges of limited cooking space, limited refrigeration (if any), and preparing it on a moving object. Even more, if you have a crew to feed, you have the additional task of meeting everyone's dietary requirements, lest you end up with a mutiny.

For some perspective on the art of aquatic cuisine, imagine the kitchen in your home being 1/2 to 1/6th its current size (depending on the size of your kitchen and the size of your galley). Next, formulate a plan to cook a dinner for 4-6 guests using appliances and utensils that are all 1/2 to 1/6th the size of your normal cookware. Then, imagine doing all of that while your kitchen bobs up and down with the waves. Sounds fun, right? It is... as long as you don't get seasick.

We've covered the art of BoatBQ before, and those recipes are best suited for boaters with a cruiser-style vessel that has a decent galley (and a kitchen table!). In the case of Nina Wilson, also known on YouTube as TheCrewChef, she faces a whole other set of challenges while preparing meals for a crew of 14 about the 180-foot luxury yacht Revelry.

Check out the 'Galley Diaries' from Nina below, where she gives you the lowdown on preparing meals from standard fare to exotic dishes within the confines of a galley (and a tight budget!)

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