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#BoatLife: The 5 Stages of Launching Your Boat (Funny)

It's the middle of summer holidays and with everyone having a good time on the water we figured we'd bring you a good laugh, too.

This gem comes courtesy of You Betcha, who make hilarious content about life in the Midwest. They tackled one of boating's biggest struggles: the 5 Stages of Launching Your Boat. It's hilariously accurate. The Midwest accent makes it even better. Boat launching is a universal language (usually involving some colourful language...), but if you're curious the 5 stages of launching a boat are:

1) Overconfidence

2) Jacknife It

3) Deny Help

4) Ask For Help

5) Repeat

We've all been there. What begins as confidence slowly descends into defeat, and after a couple hundred turns of the wheel you eventually ask for a little help. There's a reason why people park lawnchairs at boat ramps to watch the shenanigans. To avoid being the centre of attention at the boat ramp we happen to have some helpful tips about trailering and launching a boat solo.

The best part of this video might be the use of 'skoshes' as a term for distance. Relatable.

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