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How to Solo Launch a Boat Safely & Efficiently

By: Scott Way


One of the most intimidating things about boating is the launch. Whether you're new or a veteran, the boat ramp is often the most stressful part of the boating experience. To add to that potential stress, if you're by yourself you'll need to compensate by modifying your process to cover the work of two, sometimes three people. Boat ramps are usually busy, especially during weekends in peak season, so it's important you be prepared before you arrive. You're likely to have eyes on you, and you'll want to move efficiently so you don't hold up the line. That being said, never let anyone rush you into making a mistake- boats are expensive, safety is paramount, and never take risks under pressure. Salt Strong released this great video to walk you through how to launch your boat solo safely and efficiently without causing any hoopla at the ramp. Be prepared, know your boat, know your procedures, and with a little practice you'll be exploring new places you never thought possible without a crew.

If you're itching to get on the lake and haven't launched solo before give this great video a watch:

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