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10 of the Most Unusual Watercraft Hitting the Water This Year

By: Scott Way

2020 will see some interesting boats hit the water. Interesting in the sense that some of them don't make a whole lot of sense, but they sure will be interesting. The Leisure Electric BBQ Donut Boat, for starters, is amusing for its name alone. It's exactly what the title states- a floating donut with 7 horsepower on the back and a BBQ in the middle for hosting parties up 10 people.

Leisure Electric BBQ Donut Boat
Leisure Electric BBQ Donut Boat


If you're into vintage style, Beau Lake unveiled one of the coolest throwbacks you'll see this year. The Tahoe 14 looks like a classic wood runabout, the kind you'd expect to see inside luxurious boathouses in the Hamptons or Muskoka, until you realize the dual passenger luxury vessel is actually a pedalboat. Available in Canada and the U.S, it's a beautiful hull that is also available with an electric 2 HP Torquedo motor in case you'd rather cruise at sunset speed.

The best of the bunch is the Go Friday Personal Submarine, which makes weekend warriorism seem extra enticing (if you can afford it). The Portuguese-made Personal Submarine can bring two passengers to depths of 1000 ft, which is not a bad way to start your weekend. Go Friday, indeed.

Check out the video below to see 10 New and Advanced Watercraft for 2020:

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