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Yamaha Launches MyYamahaOutboards Mobile App

By: Scott Way

Yamaha Marine is the latest major manufacturer to launch a mobile app for it's US customer base, joining a growing trend among marine manufacturers to provide their customers with a full spectrum user experience that enhances the ownership experience.

The MyYamahaOutboards mobile app can be accessed via handheld device or web portal for US owners and provides access to their maintenance records, service schedule, and a host of helpful tools like pre-trip checklists, a trip logging database, and a dealer finder. The app works on both iOS and Android devices.

The app also integrates with authorized Yamaha dealers to send messages to owners when they are due for service or maintenance. If you're the DIY type, easy to use maintenance charts within the app will help you keep tabs on your service schedule.

In a company statement, Yamaha Marine Engine Systems advertising and digital marketing manager Frank Wilhelm said, ““MyYamahaOutboards goes the distance, proving every Yamaha outboard has unsurpassed longevity potential, especially when properly maintained. Now, our customers have a unique tool meant to enhance the entire ownership experience. Whether a boater is on the water every day or only a few hours each year, MyYamahaOutboards is a valuable tool for anyone with a Yamaha outboard.”

To enjoy the full spectrum of features within the app, users must be warranty registered by an authorized Yamaha dealer, and the system is compatible for a variety of Yamaha boats and outboard engines. Once registration is complete users can create an account to gain full access. Owners who purchase a pre-owned engine or repower their boat with another Yamaha outboard can also enter the primary engine ID (PID) into the app and sync their account with the new engine. For boats with multiple outboards, or owners with multiple boats, they can customize their data and features for each individual engine or boat.

Not only will Yamaha owners benefit from readily accessible data about their boat and its performance, the app will also help ensure maximum resale value if they decide to sell down the road. Users will have a certified maintenance record from their authorized Yamaha dealer through the app that can be transferred to a new owner.

“There’s a great deal of benefit in having all completed outboard service intervals recorded in one succinct platform with an authorized Yamaha outboard dealer,” said Wilhelm. “In addition, owners can use this important maintenance history report to enhance confidence and potentially increase value when they are ready to resell their current boat and buy a new one.”

You can check out the MyYamahaOutboard app in action in the video below:

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As a suggestion for future developments, integrating features like video chat rooms within the app could be a fantastic addition. Imagine being able to connect with fellow boaters for real-time advice, troubleshooting, or just sharing boating experiences via video chat. It would create a more interactive and engaging community for Yamaha users.

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