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Wellcraft Adds Epic 435 Fast Cruiser for 2023

The new era of Wellcraft Boats is a bold one, in all the right ways.

After stunning boaters with a major departure from their standard fare with the well-received Wellcraft 355 in May 2022, the company is continuing to push the envelope with their new 'fast cruiser' flagship - the Wellcraft 435.

"We’re creating a new generation of game-changers in the world of adventure performance cruisers built for our ultra-passionate clients. Boats that take their boating that extra bit further, and change the rules of the game,” confirmed Wellcraft Brand Director Nick Harvey in a company statement.

While the Cadillac, MI boat builder was a major name in the 80's under Bob Long and Irwin Jacobs, thanks in large part to Don Johnson and the TV megahit Miami Vice, the brand had been relatively quiet, albeit stable, in the decades to follow.

The fabled Wellcraft Scarab 38 KV and her twin 440 hp inboards were the soundtrack to 80's boating glitz and glam, but no boat has had the same degree of notoriety since.

But that is about to change.

While the 355 was a statement, and Wellcraft is seemingly following the company's new mantra, "Bigger. Bolder" into 2023.

The 435 was designed by the famed Garroni Studio in Italy and American naval architect Michael Peters. The Florida architect has an extensive portfolio with high-end yacht designers and has crafted boats for the likes of Viking, Summit, Bertram, and others.

The new design will carry an LOA of 44' even (13.4 m) and will be powered with either twin or triple outboards with a max horsepower rating of 1200 hp.

Wellcraft 355
The all-new Wellcraft 355 unveiled in 2022

The helm will include a full beam pilot station and large social areas are apparent in the extendable aft cockpit and fully equipped galley.

Below deck are two individual cabins with complete head compartments and separate showers. Accommodations are more than ample for keeping up to 5 guests or crew aboard.

Wellcraft is describing the new flagship as an "all weather, go anywhere" cruiser, and that certainly appears the case at first glance.

The Wellcraft 435 will receive its first public unveiling at the 2023 Cannes and Fort Lauderdale Boat Shows later in 2023.

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