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#WeirdBoats - The Mansion Yacht is Half Aquatic, Half Terrestrial, and a Total Enigma

By: Scott Way

Mansion Yachts may be the paradox of the boating world. They're arguably not even a yacht, but have the word 'yacht' in the name. They're not technically a mansion, but their terrestrial potential is half the appeal. So how, exactly, does one classify the Mansion Yacht? I suppose the easiest way is to call it what it is: awesome.

The Mansion Yacht won't compete with the world's fastest yachts with a portly top speed of just 7 knots, but it boasts something no other superyacht can match: the ability to stop being a boat. With an 84' overall length, a 40' beam, and only 3' of draught the Mansion Yacht can accommodate up to 149 guests and comes in a standard yacht configuration to several commercial layouts including a night club platform, an event platform, a marina dock platform, and a restaurant platform. Indoor and outdoor decks provide panoramic 360 views, and below deck is everything from king sized staterooms to a theater-game room and a 7 person hot tub. But the Mansion Yacht shines when boating is no longer the goal. When it's time to drop anchor, the Mansion Yacht instead drops 4 hydraulic legs to set you down wherever you decide is your new fixed address.

Now, in order to digest the totality of this aquatic bohemian, let's divvy up the Mansion Yacht into two categories: yacht features and mansion features.

Yacht-wise, the hull shape carries the accolade of being the first-ever 100% stainless steel yacht design. It is powered by a Cummins QSL-Turbo diesel with 440hp and a 100 hp bow thruster to help with de-beaching when it's time to switch from sedentary to mobile. To help with the beaching part, it has four stabilizing pads with 18 feet of stroke and 4 million pounds of load lifting capacity. So assuming the yacht and 149 guests weigh less than 4 million pounds it also works as an elevator, too.

Two 30KW Kubota generators power the cabin amenities, while 72 solar panels on the top deck produce up to 15KW of green power and 160,000 watts of storable power. Battery life is an estimated 30 years, so if you choose to abandon society in favour of roving bungalow-ism, the Mansion Yacht will support your off-grid pursuits. It also holds 1600 gallons of diesel for long range adventuring, plus 5000 gallons of fresh water for supporting a potentially sizeable crew. Below deck is a surprising 1760 square feet of storage and mechanical space, providing ample room for storing whatever terrestrial or aquatic accessories you deem necessary for your chosen lifestyle.

Now, as for house features the Mansion Yacht is built with an 'Anti-Twist Frame Construction,' which seems necessary considering it can theoretically hover 18 feet over a sandbar during hurricane season. For those reasons, the main salon has 180 degree hurricane resistant glass from floor to ceiling.

As for living space, the main decks boast 10 foot ceilings and 9000 square feet of available space. The outer decks account for over 3300 sq ft, including a 760 sq ft front deck attached to the salon. Guest accommodations aren't in short supply either with 5 staterooms with king beds and full designer baths, plus an additional 880 sq ft salon and a 1000 sq ft theater and game room among the bottom level's 3900 sq ft of living space. The 2300 sq ft party deck with the hot tub is the likely congregation point for guests and carries its own 300 sq ft back deck. In total, over 9000 sq ft of available space exists for whatever your mind can dream up, and should that seem daunting, there's 4000 sq ft of air conditioned space to cool you down while you brainstorm.

Now, such an aquatic enigma won't come cheap. The Mansion Yacht will bottom out your savings account by around $12 million. With that being said, if you currently own a waterfront condo to live near your boat, converting to a Mansion Yacht may be a perfectly reasonable way to combine your lifestyle. Plus you won't have neighbours on a sandbar, and you can't put a price on that kind of privacy.

Check out the video below to see what sandbar stilt living could be like for you:

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