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Understanding Boat Design with Naval Architect Doug Zurn

Doug Zurn from Zurn Yachts has collaborated with MJM Yachts to provide a fascinating webinar about the factors that affect hull performance and stability in a yacht.


Zurn, based out of Massachusetts in the eastern U.S, has been designing unique luxury yachts since 1993. In partnership with Bob Johnstone from MJM, they have collectively sold over 200 hulls to satisfied customers throughout the world. Their relationship with renowned boat builder Boston Boatworks has been in existence since 2002 when they produced the first MJM model 34Z. Their explanation of how do boats float, and the factors that influence their response in the water, is worth the watch.

If you're interested in understanding how and why your boat performs the way it does, enjoy this walk through about the finer points of hull design.

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