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5 Sport Boats with Great Value for 2020

By: Scott Way

When you're looking to make a purchase, getting great value is always the goal. Knowing you got the most 'bang for your buck' means your hard-earned money is going as far as possible, and that's always a good feeling. Boats are no different, and while boating can be an expensive hobby there are many ways to find great value. 2020 will see several manufacturers come out with designs carrying an impressive array of features for the pricetag. Now, this list is devoted to boats that cost less than 90K (Cdn), but that's not bad for a sport boat from respected brands like Scarab and Chaparral. Depending on your budget, most of these models are available on the used market as well. Not only do these boats look great for the money, they offer the performance to match. Whether you're looking to go cruising, wakeboarding, or host family adventures, here are 5 Sport Boats with Great Value for 2020.

The List:

If there are any great boats that you think should be on the list comment below.

The Details:

1) Yamaha 240 Series- The 240 Series has seating for up to twelve with port side passenger seats that rotate 180 degrees for a better view. The user-friendly Connext touchscreen carries all the boat and entertainment functions, including GPS-enabled nautical charts. The forward-swept aluminum tower is lined up to accommodate anything for watersports.

2) Chaparral 224 Sunesta- The Sunesta has Chaparral’s patented Wide Tech™ technology and mixes the roominess of a deck boat with the performance of a sport boat. Size and storage are big themes and there's a tonne of performance features. The 224 packs a lot of size and space into it's design.

3) Yamaha 212x/242x Wake Series- The 212X includes Yamaha's award-winning Connext™ helm control system, a Wet Sounds sound bar on tower, and 8 full range speakers. The forward-swept aluminum tower is perfect for watersports and includes the WakeBooster attachment, a wake surf rope, and a Slingshot surfboard designed specifically for Yamaha jet boats.

4) Chaparral 21 Surf- The 21 Surf combines everything that's great from the SSi line and puts it into the Surf series, creating a sleek package with lots to offer. Thanks to a Malibu Surf Gate™ that lets you instantly adjust your wake without re-positioning, the 21 Surf is a great boat for the price.

5) Scarab 165 Impulse- A boat that can do everything that's comfortable and cost effective. The Impulse has seating for 5,   300 hp, and a top speed of 60 mph. It's fast, affordable, and comes with the quality you expect from Scarab. It's a small boat, but it packs a lot.

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