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Sea-Doo Partners with F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo to Tease All-New RXP- X 300

Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo linked up with Sea-Doo at the Miami Grand Prix in May, and now he's helping to launch an all-new RXP-X 300

Back in May, Sea-Doo announced a partnership with Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo at the Miami Formula One Grand Prix. At the time, photographers captured Ricciardo on the water in an unknown Sea-Doo product clearly doing some promo work, but there was no confirmation about what the new mysterious product might be.

But the details are starting to surface- Sea-Doo and Ricciardo unveiled their custom edition RXP-X 300. It's a modified 2022 package from Sea-Doo's premium package and includes unique touches like a metallic aqua fairings, carbon fiber inlays on the hood, two-tone mats and seats, raised Sea-Doo emblems on the hood, and green and yellow accents on the mirrors and handlebars. The big secret that still remains, however, is what's under the hood. The current RXP-X 300 boats 300 horsepower via a supercharged 1630 cc three-cylinder engine. The platform can run a 0-50 mph holeshot in under 3 seconds.

The expectation is that the new RXP-X 300 will be an official 2023 offering.

A recent Sea-Doo social media post stoked the speculation, stating: “The next level of high performance arrives this August." Other Sea-Doo brand ambassadors were equally coy in their posts.

In a video released by the company, they added: “We’ve partnered with F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo to bring a fresh Sea-Doo perspective on the world of high-performance watercraft. Bold, unique, with an attitude that commands the water – just like the people who squeeze the throttle. We couldn’t be more excited for what’s coming next! Stay tuned!”

According to Watercraft Journal, the new Ricciardo custom edition seems to have no physical differences than the standard RXP-X available in 2022 aside from custom exterior aesthetic, but there are likely to be performance changes under the hood.

As for Ricciardo, his comments were pretty straightforward: "This thing is sooooo good."

The collab with Ricciardo makes sense considering the RXP-X series is a premium high-performance platform, which suits an F1 driver's adrenaline-fueled lifestyle. It's also a unique dichotomy, given that Sea-Doo's parent company BRP recently announced they would be offering electric options on all products by 2026.

Keep an eye for an announcement in August about what Sea-Doo and Ricciardo are hiding under the hood.

You can get the first look at the new RXP-X 300 in the video below:

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