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Riva Unveils First Electric Runabout- The 27-Foot El-Iseo

2023 Riva El-Iseo electric runabout
The 2023 Riva El-Iseo electric runabout

Ultra luxury Italian yacht builder Riva has unveiled a prototype for their first electric runabout -- the El-Iseo.

The unveiling was smartly scheduled between the Cannes Yachting Festival, which began September 6th, and the Monaco Yacht Show, which begins September 28, with the obvious intention to maximize awareness during two of yachting's largest events.

The boat was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Club during a private preview and will serve the compliment to the existing 27-foot inboard-powered Iseo. Much of the existing design's hull design, interior fittings, and overall style have translated to the El-Iseo, albeit with some impressive changes to accommodate for the new technology.

Most notably, the new model will be powered by a Parker GVM310 electric motor. The Parker motor offers a significantly high degree of output -- ranging from 147 kW to 409 kW -- which translates to roughly 197 hp and 548 hp, respectively. The expected output with the new El-Iseo platform, when considering weight, design, and function, is expected to be about 250 kW (335 hp) to 300 kW (402 hp).

Thus far, the prototype El-Iseo produces a cruising speed of 25 knots (28 mph) with a stop speed of 40 knots (46 mph). Due to the faster torque delivered to the drivetrain produced by electric motors, the acceleration of the El-Iseo is slightly faster than if it were outfitted with a standard inboard combustion engine.

According to Ferretti Group CEO, Alberto Galassi, “El-Iseo is a glorious new chapter in the challenge that only Riva can experience every day, that of combining its legendary history with cutting-edge technology to generate beauty and style that will never go out of fashion. The El-Iseo project is extremely important to us… now 180 years old, Riva is still leading the field with the credibility and visionary force that only a contemporary legend can draw on.”

In terms of battery power and performance, the new platform uses a lithium ion battery pack from Podium Advanced Technologies (PAT) and is rated to deliver 10 hours of use in "economy mode." The digital helm station will offer three distinct drive modes -- Allegro, Andante and Adagio.

Two separate battery stations are located between the engine and stern seating. Ferreti Group partner Xenta was responsible for redesigning the aft portion to accommodate new layouts for the transmission, wiring, throttle body, and related hardware. PAT has previously only worked in motorsports and the automotive sector, thus marking the first use of its batteries in the marine industry.

As any consumer would expect, the styling is undeniably Riva with their blend of classic appearance paired with modern technology. The El-Iseo has a classic Riva swept-back windshield, a wooden foredeck and matching aft sunpad, subtle pinstriping, and tasteful chrome accents around the lights and cleats. The interior is fully digital with touchscreen displays that are designed to mimic older Riva designs from the analog era. #news #products #riva

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