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RayMarine Introduces New Compact 'Cyclone' Open Array Radar System

By: Scott Way

Raymarine Cyclone compression CHIRP radar system

Raymarine has released a compact solid state open-array radar system for 2022. The new futuristic "aircraft wing inspired" Cyclone will include both Doppler and conventional scan modes, "bird mode," navigation mode, and unlimited dual range mode. The full specifications list showcases an impressive list of features that will be a valuable asset for larger powerboats, fishing boats, and smaller commercial vessels.

The low-profile aerodynamic design will allow the running in wind speeds up to 100 knots (115 mph). The Cyclone will also use RangeFusion technology to show pictures from both short and long range simultaneously with a range up to 96 miles. The hardware is designed to fit a broad range of vessels with the units themselves being extremely compact -- scanners measure 13.2" tall and weigh 51 lbs -- thus allowing for greater flexibility with a boat's architecture and more installation options. The antenna array will be offered in 3, 4 or 6 feet with either a 55-watt or 110-watt pedestal and variable rotation speeds up to 60 rpm. A 100-target ARPA target tracking system is standard.

"Radars are a well-established fundamental to a captain's awareness whilst on the water, but we wanted to push the boundaries on what was possible for such an important system component. When developing Cyclone, we challenged ourselves to create a radar that combines both beauty and high performance," said Gregoire Outters, General Manager for the Raymarine. "And we met this challenge with a groundbreaking design, rugged performance, and unmatched radar imagery. With Cyclone, we are disrupting the radar category and giving boaters an entirely new level of situational awareness on the water."

The Cyclone system is designed for extreme weather. The 60 rpm rotational speed delivers 360 degrees of awareness and tracking up to 50 ARPA targets in real-time, even while at speed. Imaging comes via CHIRP pulse compression and beam-sharpening technology for precision target separation and long-range resolution. Raymarine's RangeFusion technology merges short-pulse near-target ranges with long-pulse, distant target ranges, to create a single radar image that is easier to interpret.

The Cyclone's new "bird mode" will also be of interest to fisherman as the imagery is strong enough to identify flocks of seabirds hovering above schools of baitfish. Bird mode can be optimized for radar gain and sea clutter in order to target seabirds on their own, which will give anglers an advantage for locating baitfish and the predatory fish that follow them.

The Cyclone system will offer 6 high-power solid-state options for long range all-weather performance. Two levels are available in 3', 4', and 6' sizes -- with 55 watt/ 6 kW equivalent magnetron performance. Cyclone Pro will have 110 watt / 12 kW equivalent magnetron performance. All Cyclone systems will integrate with Raymarine Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro, and Axiom XL chartplotter multifunction displays.

You can get a firsthand look at the Cyclone system in action in the video below:

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