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#QuickTips - 5 Simple Boating Hacks Every Captain Should Know

1) Add Life to Your Boat Lines

2) Gauge Your Anchor Chain

3) Light Towels vs. Dark Towels

4) Protect the Thru-Hulls in Your Boat

5) Clean Your Head

1) Add Life to Your Boat Lines- Over time, boat lines and dock lines can stiffen up making them awkward to use. When this happens, soak them in a gallon of water with 8 ounces of fabric softener. Dry them indoors and they will be as flexible as the day you bought them.

2) Gauge Your Anchor Chain- The recommended length of anchor rode that you need to extend for secure anchoring is between five and seven times the water depth. To know how much rode you have extended, smart boaters will spray paint a mark on the chain or line every 25 feet. Spray one mark at the first 25 and two marks for the second, etc. These marks will also be helpful when you pull up your anchor, to tell you how much rode is left to retract.

3) Light Towels vs Dark Towels- Most beach towels are white or multi colored. Light towels reflect sunlight while dark colored towels absorb it. The absorbed thermal energy dries dark towels more quickly, making them ready to reuse sooner. Good to remember the next time you are buying a beach towel.

4) Protect the Thru-Hulls in Your Boat- Thru-hulls in your boat are subject to accumulating marine growth. A good way to prevent this is to use a tiny brush to paint the inside of these inlets with a marine bottom paint. This can save both time and money by protecting the buildup of dirt or debris.

5) Clean Your Head- You have probably heard that cola can remove stains. One smart application of this is to clean your boat head with a can of cola. Pour a can into your toilet bowl and let it sit for awhile. Stains will wipe away as quickly as with a commercial cleaner. #tips #quicktips

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