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New HondaLink Marine Smartphone App Provides Owners with Unprecedented Data

By: Scott Way

HondaLink marine smartphone app
The new HondaLink marine smartphone app will launch in early 2022

Honda Marine has released a new smartphone app designed to connect boaters to their vessel by providing more comprehensive data with the all-new HondaLink marine app.

Designed to utilize long-term evolution (LTE) and satellite data, the app provides boat owners with the ability to monitor their vessel 24/7, including checking engine data and performance, explore navigation and safety information for upcoming trips, and connect to the nearest Honda dealer for service or other needs. The new app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

At its core, the app provides boat owners with complete remote monitoring capability. Even more, it's also the first app that's compatible beyond its original manufacturer, meaning it's compatible and customizable with any boat powered by NMEA 2000® certified engines. The list of NMEA 2000 products includes engines from Yamaha and Tohatsu, as well as marine devices from Raymarine, Simrad, Garmin, Navico, and others.

Highlights of the platform include:

  • Track boat engine data including engine RPM, fuel rate, engine temperature, fuel pressure, oil pressure, bilge pump operation, battery life, fuel status, and service scheduling

  • Monitor navigation and security functions including vessel location, weather alerts, hazard warnings, and anti-theft features like door sensors or opened hatches or other unapproved activity

  • Set circular or multi-point geofencing and boat tracking, alerting owners when boat conditions move outside of preset parameters

  • Maintain registration and profile Information, including user licenses, subscription management, monitoring of additional boats and sensors, and establishment of parental controls

  • Plan trips by tracking data such as fuel consumption, distance traveled, and engine hours

  • Access news resources and use social media platforms allowing users to connect and share excursions and highlights from their adventures

The launch of the app follows suit with several other major manufacturers who are now offering a comprehensive remote ownership experience where boat owners can check and monitor nearly all aspects of their boat at all times. The HondaLink marine app also follows suit with the new HondaLink auto app for Honda cars and trucks. The marine version is expected to launch in early spring 2022.

You can check out the app in action in the video below:

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