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Nautique Unveils All-New S23 with New Design Style for 2022

By: Scott Way

Nautique has overhauled their design style and announced the release of the all-new S23 for 2022. The new model has an even more aggressive hull design than existing the Nautique lineup and boasts a reshaped bow, interior layout, and a host of helpful new performance features.

“I am thrilled to welcome the S23 to the award-winning Nautique line-up.” said Nautique President Greg Meloon in a company press release. “We’ve introduced many significant upgrades to our product offering this year, and I’m excited to bring the S23 into the fold. With its modern aesthetics and world-class performance, I’m eager to see the S23 turn heads this summer as the first installment of the brand-new S-Series.”

The wakesports industry stalwarts are calling the S23 "an ultra-modern take on the traditional bow Nautique" and that certainly appears to be the case. The S23 is classically Nautique in overall appearance, but a noticeably reshaped bow and a variety of interior layout changes make it part of an obvious new design movement. According to the company, the S23 will be the first in a new series of S-model designs.

The boat also packs typical Nautique power and comes in a variety of horsepower options from 355, 400, 450, 475, all the way to 600. The S23 carries a dry weight of 5,500 lbs (2495 kg) and has a plethora of standout features including a bimini with surf pockets for storing two boards up top, strapless board racks on the tower for wakeboards and sake surfers, an extended sun shade with greater coverage bow to stern, and a reversible stern seat that can slide out and flip up for stadium-style viewing of the action. The tower itself also comes in 3 different options with a standard Flight Control Tower, as well as the optional Actuated Flight Tower which folds up and down, and the Telescoping Flight Control Tower with hydraulic lift/drop capability.

Other standard features include a FL Audio M3 Series Elite stereo package which includes a JL Audio head, 4 JL M3 speakers throughout the boat, and a 2-channel amplifier. The helm also boasts the LINC Panoray Touchscreen with a 12.4" display and an all-new user interface for 2022 with intuitive configurations for your driving preferences. The entire system runs on Nautique's well-received Helm Command user program.

Performance-wise, the S23 will continue to use its well-equipped Nautique Surf System (NSS) paired with its longstanding Waveplate® technology. The Waveplate® design extends out from the transom and redirects water flow to create scalable and customizable waves on either side. The NSS allows surfers to switch sides instantly without having to change ballast or shift people in the boat. Settings can be accessed through the Helm Command to adjust the shape and size of the wave. Riders can also make adjustments from the water using the Surf Select 3.0 system that syncs with Garmin wristwatches.

MSRP for the all-new S23 starts at $154,954 USD.

You can get a full walkthrough of the S23, including a breakdown of its new features, in the video below:

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