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Like Boating but Live in the City? This Toronto Real Estate Listing Might Be Your Answer

By: Scott Way

This Toronto houseboat may give you the perfect balance between urban living and living the #BoatLife

We've discussed the migration from urban dwelling to aquatic living before. It's not all bad.

Lots of folks fed up with (or priced out of) the real estate market are leaving urban centres in search of greenery, solitude, and in many cases, water access. That invariably made the houseboat migration 'a thing,' and now the new beginnings of a houseboat boom are hitting the news.

Toronto is the most expensive city to live in Canada. The average home price continues to balloon above $1.2 million, and many resourceful young urbanites are letting their creative juices flow to overcome the hurdles.

A unique two-bedroom houseboat just popped up for sale in the the stunning vista of Scarborough Bluffs, and its getting the attention of boaters and homebuyers alike.

Now, there are a couple caveats, as there always are with real estate deals (and especially with boats). Mortgages are extremely hard, if not impossible, to get on a 'property' that isn't connected to water and sewer. Which means you're likely going to have to purchase the houseboat outright.

There's also the matter of taxes, marina fees, slip fees, and so forth. Sure, you'll be circumventing the traditional notion of 'property taxes.' but you'll be paying similar fees via a different route. There are $811/year in mooring fees, but you do also gain access to a car wash, a concierge, party rooms, and parking.

But if you can afford the costs and like aquatic living, this houseboat might give you the perfect balance of homeownership and boat ownership that a young urbanite could ask for.

The floating home boasts just under 1000 square feet of living space spread across three levels. The main level features an open concept living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom.

The living room has a sweet walkout to a stern deck that's perfect for R&R. The view of the marina is pretty awesome, and it's a great launching point for kayaking or paddleboarding.

Up on the second level are two bedrooms, and a full bathroom with a bathtub. That's pure elegance for a houseboat.

The master bedroom is 33'x49'. which is pretty massive by any terrestrial standards. For a boat, that's downright luxurious. A large bay window offers a magnificent view of the water. If that master bedroom were attached to a waterfront home instead of a boat, you'd be paying double the price. Easily.

The smaller second bedroom also has a walkout to a deck, which is pretty solid for a guest suite.

But the best view comes via the rooftop patio. It offers exceptional views of nearly the entire marina as well as the overlooking Scarborough Bluffs.

If you're worried about being shortchanged on amenities since it's not a land-based property -- worry not. There is also a stackable washer/dryer combo, a dishwasher, A/C, and high speed Bell Fibe internet. Aside from the gentle sway caused by the waved beneath your feet, you'd be hard pressed to think you weren't in a downtown condo.

If you're tired of the urban jungle, but don't exactly want to leave its conveniences behind, urban houseboating might be the answer.

(h/t/ BlogTO)

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