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Legend Boats Partners with Boat Fix to Bring Monitoring Services to Canada

Well-known Canadian company Legend Boats has partnered with U.S.-based Boat Fix to provide tracking and monitoring services to their products. Boat Fix is a telematics service provider based in Connecticut that provides a host of services to marine clients. With the Boat Fix digital app, users can track and monitor their boat 24/7, including checking their boat's location, engine status, fluid levels, and overall health.

Legend Boats designs and manufactures over 30 models of aluminum fish/ski/cruise boats, 4 deck boat models, and over 40 models of pontoon boats that are distributed through over 60 Legend Dealers across Canada.

The Boat Fix suite of digital services will now be available in Legend Boats starting in 2023.

This means Legend boat owners will be able to track the location of their boat remotely, as well as monitor battery levels, bilge pump status, and provide theft protection by notifying users via their smartphone if their boat moves unexpectedly or if onboard systems are activated.

Boat Fix also offers a 24/7 monitoring centre for mechanical and technical support.

In a company statement, Director of Innovation at Legend Maurice Beland stated: “We looked at a lot of telematics providers and had a lot of options. Delivering a combination of advanced technology and impeccable service, Boat Fix was unlike anything we had tested. We put them through the ringer, calling throughout the night and really pushing the service. Their 24/7 availability on the phone, fast human response times to alarm support and the quality of service really impressed us.”

Legend co-CEO Jamie Dewar added: “The Boat Fix app is incredibly useful and easy to use, and the surefire reliability of their telematics hardware is so important for the convenience of our customers."

From Boat Fix Founder Alastair Crawford, “Telematics is the buzz of the auto industry, but the boating world still needs to catch up. Jamie and Marc [Duhamel] have been at the forefront of innovation in the Canadian marine space and they recognized from the start that there was a massive opportunity to lead the charge here.”

Boat Fix will be available as an option on new Legend boats at several dealerships beginning in January, followed by a full launch at the Toronto International Boat Show on January 20, 2023. #news #products #boatfix #legendboats

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