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Honda Revamps Outboard Lineup for 2022

By: Scott Way

Honda Marine BF150, BF135, and BF115 outboard engines
The all-new BF150, BF135, and BF115

Honda Marine has redesigned and upgraded two of its most popular outboards, the BF115 and BF150, and released an all-new model, the BF140, for 2022.

The all-new BF140 will replace the existing BF135 and will set a new benchmark in the 'core power range' of the outboard market. The BF140 will have a broader, flatter torque curve compared to others in the segment with smoother power delivery throughout its operating range. A redesigned cowling will give the engines a fresh look, and under the cowling will be repositioned anodes, a repositioned tilt and trim unit, high and low pressure fuel filters, water seperator, spark plug access, an enlarged dipstick, and enhanced diagnostic codes that will make troubleshooting significantly easier. Each engine will come with a full five year non-declining factory warranty.

The redesigned BF115 and BF150 mark the latest evolution in Honda's outboard development. Both models are available with either mechanical or drive-by-wire operation and can fully interface with Honda's new HondaLink Marine smartphone app. They will also be the first to feature Honda's new "dynamic motion" design, which involves a new aesthetic and cowling shape to accommodate the drive-by-wire electronic remote control system.

According to William Walton, VP of Honda Power Equipment, “The upgraded Honda BF115 and 150 and the all-new Honda BF140 enhanced outboards, combined with the new capability for marine connectivity and security provided by HondaLink® Marine, deliver what the heart of the marine market wants and needs—a range of additional features and benefits that exceed expectations, giving boaters more time to enjoy the pleasure of being on the water in a powerful boat.”

All three of the new engines will be available in either mechanical or Honda's Intelligent Shift & Throttle (iST®) drive-by-wire system. All three will also have a newly designed push button and key start configuration and an expanded number of rigging options. There is also an optional tilt-limit switch on all three models. Each is built around a 16-valve dual overhead camshaft configuration for increased high RPM power transfer. All three engines generate 55 total amps with 40 amps of charging power available for a range of electrical accessories.

The new iST® system provides easy control of multiple engines, effortless shift and throttle control, fine tuning of throttle setting at any speed, virtual positioning and anchoring, enhanced docking and low speed maneuvering, and a user-friendly interface. The iST® also integrates with Optimus 360 joystick steering, Seaways by Dometic® virtual positioning, and SeaStation by Dometic® virtual anchoring.

Another notable new feature is an 'Immobilizer' ignition system requiring a remote transponder key to start the engine. The immobilizer deters potential theft by preventing the engine from starting without the remote ignition key. If an attempt is made to start the engine without the remote key, the immobilizer automatically disables the engine.

“The introduction of the redesigned BF115 and BF150 and the all-new BF140 underscores the Honda Marine commitment to serve the most popular segments of the marine market. But these new products also signal that Honda Marine is enhancing our existing lineup with an eye toward development of new products to meet the growing demand for larger outboard motors for the future. Equally important, we are investing into further efforts to address the world’s pressing environmental issues by utilizing unique new Honda technology,” said Walton.

The new engines were recently unveiled at the International BoatBuilders Exhibition Conference (IBEX) in Genoa, Italy. Honda is set to announce on-sale dates for all three engines in early 2022.

You can get a walkthrough of the new engines in the video below:

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