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Godfrey Unveils 2024 Pontoon Lineup

 2024 Godfrey XP pontoon boat
The 2024 Godfrey XP

Godfrey Marine recently invited a select group of boating journalists to Lake Havasu in the Arizona desert for a sneak peek its 2024 pontoon boat lineup. Under clear skies, searing sunshine, and afternoon temperatures approaching triple digits, the company unveiled a number of new twin engine models with a focus on performance.

Heading up the luxury Sanpan line, the 27 foot, 4-inch Sanpan 2700 Twin comes with Godfrey’s Twin Impact+ triple tube platform, consisting of 27-inch outer tubes surrounding a 29-inch centre tube for V-hull handling that retains the inherent stability of a pontoon.

Launched in 1958 as the first all-aluminum pontoon boat, the Sanpan continues a legacy of technological innovation with power options up to twin 400 horsepower outboards, while enjoying a boatload of standard features like a full spectrum RGB lighting package, a Garmin 1243xs chartplotter, headlights with integrated nav and docking lights, multiple USB charging ports, full stainless trim, a ski tow pylon, a walk-through windshield and wireless phone charging. An extensive option list including goodies like different electronics upgrades, a black sport arch, stereo upgrades like Godfrey’s Extreme Sound package and joystick piloting allow buyers to configure the boat exactly as they like.

Also new for 2024 is the 25-foot, 4-inch AquaPatio 256 SBW Twin, which offers sporty performance in a bit edgier design that still delivers tremendous comfort. The 256 SBW Twin also comes with Godfrey’s Twin Impact+ triple tube design in a more compact footprint, and with power options up to twin 300s. Standard features like the Garmin 943xs chartplotter, integrated headlight/nav light/docking light matrix, walk-through windshield and removable ski pylon can be augmented with tasty options including a full spectrum RBG lighting package, a black sport arch, upholstery upgrades, in-floor storage, a washdown kit and power assist steering – and that’s just for starters.

But perhaps the biggest splash at Lake Havasu came in the form of Godfrey’s all-new XP 2700 Twin. Take the amenities of the top-of-the-line Sanpan then crank up the cool factor with an extra dose of sleek, European styling and you start to get a feel for what the XP is all about. The boat can’t help but command attention with its arched front deck profile and super cool fibreglass facia, which stretches aft in sleek, smooth, automotive-style side panels without that traditional pontoon fencing. With its sloped stern and aft-facing transom seating, the look is sleek and streamlined. Add in the Twin Impact+ tube package, an incredible, addressable RGB lighting package that extends to include colour-coordinated toe kicks, cup holders and even seat backrests, bolt on a powered action tower and treat the helm to multiple high resolution touchscreen displays and a truly out of this world audio system – all standard features, by the way – and it’s easy to understand the appeal of this exciting new boat. With up to twin 400s on the transom and a short but appealing option list with upgrades like joystick piloting, there’s a lot of boat to like here.

I was particularly impressed by the XP’s cool-touch upholstery. For starters, it was all black – a finish that looked great, but had been baking in the desert sun for hours before I stepped aboard. Undaunted, I held my breath and took a seat. Expecting to feel like I had just sat on a frying pan, I was pleasantly shocked to find the upholstery as cool and comfy as the desk chair in my nearby hotel room. It’s just amazing stuff, and one of what seems like an endless stream of eye-openers on this boat.

While the XP isn’t cheap – you’re definitely into luxury tax territory here, since one loaded with options will top a honking $400k Canadian – the reality is you would have to pay half that again for a V-hulled boat with similar amenities. Godfrey set out to make a statement with the XP, and did just that.

Although it didn’t make the trip to Arizona, Godfrey had also planned to show off its new Mighty G pontoon, designed as an approachable, affordable boat that can be powered by a small gas or electric outboard. Unfortunately for we boating journos, they’ve been selling so fast there wasn’t a hull available to make the trek to Arizona – every boat coming off the line is already pre-sold to a waiting customer. But even so, Godfrey Marine director of product management and marketing, Walter Ross, emphasized its importance in the 2024 lineup, with both cruise and fishing models making boating affordable for families everywhere.

In addition to the new pontoons, the company also showed its new-for-2024 Hurricane SunDeck 2600. Stretching 26 feet 5 inches in overall length, the elegant SD 2600 comes nicely equipped with a full swim platform, a spacious enclosed head with a sink hidden away in the passenger console, comfortable seating with really nice upholstery work, stainless pull-up cleats, a washdown system and refrigerated cup holders as standard equipment. Engine choices extend all the way up to a Mercury 400 horsepower V10, while a juicy option list includes niceties like a bi-fold centre door to close off the cabin early and late in the season for greater comfort when underway – a definite must-have that all Canadian buyers will want. #news #products #godfrey #godfreymarine

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