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Dogs and Dolphin Spark Rare Friendship During Georgia Boat Ride

Magen Peigelbeck was cruising in his boat with his dogs near Savannah, Georgia, when they inexplicably managed to befriend a dolphin.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, a dolphin can be seen circling the boat in Isle of Hope Marina, occasionally stopping to interact with the canines.

After about a minute, Peigelbeck’s dogs, Stanley and Miles, begin barking at the dolphin, at which point it begins to interact with them. Obviously we're not animal behaviorists, but they seem to be making a friendly interspecies greeting.

As you can see, it would appear the dolphin knows to respond to the dogs' barking. “It makes me grin and my heart get big,” Peigelbeck told NBC-affiliate WSAV-TV. “Everyone can get along. We can learn lessons from animals.”

He's not wrong. With busy waterways and more people hitting the water than ever before, we could stand to learn a lesson from this gang.

In semi-related news, dolphins in Australia are seemingly missing human interaction caused by the Covid-19 slowdown of maritime traffic, and have begun bringing gifts from the sea to their dryland friends.

Normally, patrons at Queensland‘s Barnacles Café & Dolphin Feeding give treats to the humpback dolphins of Tin Can Bay, according to 7NEWS.

But due to the lockdown procedures in place, the café hasn't had visitors for several months.

Photos posted on the café’s Facebook page show two dolphins with “gifts” they've brought to humans on shore. Apparently, in dolphin culture items like barnacles, old bottles, and pieces of coral make for excellent gifts for their friends, regardless of species.

“The pod has been bringing us regular gifts, showing us how much they’re missing the public interaction and attention,” the post reads.

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