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Cox Marine Adds Rigging for Diesel Outboards

Cox Marine diesel outboard

Cox Marine has collaborated with Dometic Marine to link their innovative CXO300 diesel outboard with the Optimus 360 Joystick and E-Actuator rigging system.

Cox Marine has partnered with Dometic Marine to combine their diesel outboards with an advanced electronic steering platform -- the Optimus E-Actuator and the Optimus 360 Joystick.

The electronic steering system provides responsive handling and precise, controlled maneuvers, which will help enhance the potential of the CXO300 outboard, particularly at low speeds.

In terms of configuration, because the system doesn't use hydraulics, more space is also created in the stern of the boat. This is thanks to the removal of power steering pumps and hoses, which in turn offers a cleaner look at the transom, not to mention reduced maintenance with the lack of hydraulic components.

The intuitive control system allows users to move forward, backwards, and side to side, to make low-speed maneuvering easier.

The collaboration between companies comes as increasing customer demand for precision steering and control, not to mention alternative power options to traditional gas powered engines, is driving market changes.

Nathan Quick, Principal Controls Engineer at Cox Marine, said in a company statement: “Adding joystick control to the CXO300’s controls system provides the end user greater control when slow speed maneuvering their vessel around a marina."

"The system seamlessly integrates with the other Dometic control products that are already in use with our outboard. The joystick system was integrated and validated with the support of the Dometic team.”

“Cox Marine has proven itself to be at the cutting edge of developing clean, efficient outboard power for a wide range of vessels,” added Eric Fetchko, President of Dometic Marine.

“Integrating our Optimus steering and Optimus Joystick control with the company’s outboard engine will prove to be an important development for our business around the world,” added Fetchko.

You can see the Cox Marine CXO300 in action below:

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