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Brunswick Partners with Apex.AI for Autonomous Tech Development

Brunswick's autonomous docking system using Apex.AI technology to dock a Boston Whaler 405 Conquest

The race towards fully autonomous boating continues to inch forward as Brunswick Corporation has announced a partnership with Apex AI.

The deal will see Apex increase the autonomous capability of Brunswick's existing fleet of brands and products.

Brunswick has already made significant gains with respect to autonomous docking, having recently invited the press to experience their prototype autonomous docking system. The test event was setup with challenging parameters using a busy harbour in New York City and a large Boston Whaler 405 Conquest as the test boat. In each case, the 405 Conquest was able to successfully navigate around boats, pilings, and floating debris while docking autonomously into a slip.

Brunswick, and its subsidiary Navico Group, have made significant investments into digital tech and AI technology in recent months as part of their larger ACES (Autonomy, Connectivity, Electrification, Shared Access) strategy and a new image for the future of boating.

According to the press release, the collaboration between Brunswick and Apex.AI will integrate the Apex.Grace and Apex.Ida safety-certified products within Brunswick’s existing autonomous ecosystem.

The software from Apex.AI will support integration of autonomous systems in vessels equipped with autonomous technology to improve the boating experience across a range of Brunswick's products and services.


“Providing industry-leading solutions is key to delivering a frictionless consumer experience,” said Brandon Ferriman, Brunswick Autonomy & ADAS Programs director, in a statement.

“Brunswick Corporation chose Apex.OS— a safety- certified software solution—to support our autonomy features which provide our customers with a more convenient and enjoyable experience.”


"We are thrilled to work with Brunswick Corporation to enhance the safety, functionality, and convenience of recreational boating,” said Jan Becker, Apex.AI CEO.

“Our software solutions can easily be applied to the current and future sensor suites of Brunswick's award-winning boats and the marine industry. It's very gratifying to be helping Brunswick elevate and simplify boating for its customers with docking autonomy technology.”


By integrating Apex.AI’s framework and middleware, boaters will enjoy reliable system functionality and performance. The end goal is to make the on-water boating experience smoother, safer, and with lower risk by incorporating a suite of AI features that ensures safe operation.

You can watch how Apex.AI integrates with Brunswick's products to autonomously dock a boat in the video below:

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