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Boston Whaler and Sea Ray Launch Apps to Enhance Ownership Experience

By: Scott Way

Boston Whaler and Sea Ray have both announced new mobile apps for owners to improve their boating experience. The MyWhaler and SeaRay+ were announced by Brunswick Corporation during their Next Wave Investor Day and are already available for download.

The announcement is another part of the ongoing ACES strategy (Autonomy, Connectivity, Electrification, & Shared Access) from Brunswick, which has been extremely active in recent months. The initiative has already made major announcements including the launch of electric Mercury outboard engines and the acquisition of Navico in a $1 billion deal.

“With the launch of MyWhaler and Sea Ray+, we’re excited to provide deeper insights around boat performance and increase brand affinity with value-add resources, in one centralized location,” said Shelby Kirby, Senior Marketing Director, Brunswick Corporation.

Both apps will allow users to access pertinent data to their boat including engine status (even with multiple engines), battery power, weather conditions, seasonal and storage information, and even the status of their insurance and registration. Users can also log their trips, set waypoints, and save a database of their favourite locations to revisit.

MyWhaler and Sea Ray+ will both provide users with a host of useful features for making their boating experience more controlled, safe, and full of helpful information while on the water. Some of the new features include:

  • Boat wallet: Upload registration documents, insurance details and marina information, for consolidated easy digital access

  • Trip recorder: Use phone GPS to record trips, view summaries, and share trips with family and friends

  • Weather: View current temperatures, wind speed and direction, humidity, rain and forecasted conditions to plan on-water activities appropriately

  • FAQs: Access readily available answers to some of the most common boating questions

  • Checklists: Customize a pre-populated checklist or create a new checklist to prepare for an enjoyable day on the water

  • Remote monitoring: Owners with NAUTIC-ON remote monitoring hardware installed on their boats can unlock additional functionality like GPS tracking, geofencing, engine data, alerts and more

Both the MyWhaler and Sea Ray+ are available for download in the app store for iOS and Android users. New features and functionality will be added to the app to improve the user experience over time and will stay updated with the latest iterations from both brands.

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