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2021 Axopar 22 Spyder- All-New Model Captures Signature Style in Trailerable Package

By: Scott Way

2021 Axopar 22 Spyder
The 2021 Axopar 22 Spyder

Finland-based Axopar Boats have been gaining traction in the North America market, and their announcement of the 2021 Axopar 22 Sypder is likely to increase that market share. Axopar's success thus far has come from the larger Axopar 28 Cabin and 37 XC models, both premium options for open water luxury boaters, and their unique style and design have made them standout attractions at recent boat shows. Their partnership with Brabus made our list of the Most Innovative Designs Hitting the Water in 2020.

The all-new 22 Spyder is, in essence, an encapsulation of Axopar's larger stylings in an easily transportable package at a reasonable price. It's distinctly an Axopar, with the same twin-stepped hull, deep walkaround deck, and signature seating, simply downsized onto a smaller platform. Perhaps the most notable accomplishment in the downsizing is the use of individualized containers for shipping boats, thereby reducing shipping costs, and therefore retail costs, once it reaches foreign markets. With a beam of 7'4'' it will also fit easily on any trailer.

Like its bigger kin the 28 and 37, the 22 Spyder will come in a range of available deck layouts boasting a variety of smartly designed options. Notable options include a multi-storage sunpad for storing watertoys, a U-shaped sofa at the stern with seating for 6, and an enclosed toilet in the console that will improve the boat's viability exponentially.

Larger models have traditionally been offered with a T-top, but no word yet for the 22 Spyder. One might hope so, as it would only increase the boat's applicability. That said, it's still a sharp boat with a low profile and a sporty expression. With a 175 hp Mercury outboard added, it should easily deliver on its 40 knot promise.

In light of the current market trend on smaller boats to maximize deck space, Axopar admittedly sought to do away with "gimmicky and superflous 'shiny' deck equipment" in favour of functional design with maximum hull performance. According to the press release, "compromised designs risk affecting the way a boat handles in anything other than a flat calm sea. Slamming occurs in waves, resulting in an unpleasant overall driving experience, which can have the negative effect of dissuading a first-time boater to continue boating, or ever wanting to buy another boat again. Taking a different approach, we used all of our knowledge from the development of our larger models to create one of the best handling, safest 22 footers out there." This idealized performance hull comes from an 'industry first' split-mold production process that maximizes hull width for greater stability.

At its root, the 22 Spyder is part of their new new "one world, one boat" philosophy. According to Axopar, "whether serving as a daily commuter in the Arctic, a dive excursion boat in the Mediterranean or as a fishing boat in Northern British Columbia, our ‘one world, one boat’ design & manufacturing philosophy means that every Axopar is built to serve its purpose, admirably, in any environment, anywhere in the world."

If the new 22 Spyder is indeed a successful distillation of their larger models, there is good reason to expect continued growth in North America. The 22 Spyder carries an attractive pricepoint to new and seasoned boaters alike, and the functional performance and signature style should serve as an obvious attraction.

Here's a breakdown of the key specs:

LOA- 23'2'' Beam- 7'4''

Draft- 2'8"

Fuel Capacity- 230L / 60 gal Engine- Mercury outboard 115-175 hp Top Speed- 40 knots (46 mph)

Price- €49,000 (approx. $65,000 U.S, not including taxes, duties, etc)

Aside from their 2021 plans, Axopar has also released some impressive products recently, including a partnership with Brabus that resulted in the Axopar 28 Brabus Shadow 500 Black Ops Edition, one of the recent pinnacles in luxury tender manufacturing. You can check it out below:

To get the latest on Axopar boats visit their website. To find a new or used Axopar boat for sale nearest you visit

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