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Yamaha Expands Helm Master EX Capabilities For More Outboards

Yamaha Marine has just announced the latest iteration of the Helm Master EX control system will service up to quintuple outboard engine configurations. Previous iterations were only capable of supporting up to quadruple outboard setups. In a company statement, Yamaha also added that the Helm Master EX can be installed as original equipment by the boatbuilder or during aftermarket repowers. It can also fit all current Yamaha DEC outboards but also back-fits outboards for a wider range of repower options.

According to Ben Speciale, president of the Yamaha Marine U.S Business Unit, “Helm Master EX has the ability to enhance great times on the water by making it easier for boaters and anglers alike. The expansion of Helm Master EX from single- to quint-outboard boat configurations makes the system a great fit for small center consoles to large offshore boats.”

The Helm Master EX is all-new software that builds upon the original Helm Master concept and was designed specifically for use with Yamaha outboards. This new tech is part of Yamaha's CommandBlue™ philosophy; a commitment to advance modern engineering into the hands of customers, giving them user-friendly products that build confidence on the water. The new system has variations for single to quad engine outboard arrangements, with unique features and user-friendly upgrades to each.

There were already a host of new features available with the latest EX launch in June of 2020, and now the 2021 version will expand even further. The new Helm Master EX series includes the latest upgrades from the previous generation:

The list of new features includes:

• Re-designed joystick with new single joy function and DriftPoint® Track

• Autopilot that can be adjusted with joystick

• Digital electric steering that can be added to any DEC-capable Yamaha outboard (except 3.3-litre F250 and F350A models)

• New digital electronic control box

• Binnacle DEC control box (single or twin handle w/ identically sized base)

• Bolt-on Digital Electric Steering (DES)

• Available, smaller, non-tilt Helm Unit

• New Electronic Key Switch (EKS)

• Keyless ignition fob (works with EKS)

• Five-inch Touchscreen Display (CL5) – works with all DEC and Command Link-compatible outboards

• Touchscreen integration with Garmin® Multi-functional Displays (MFDs)

• Integration with Raymarine® AXIOM® XL MFDs using remote

You can check out some of the Helm Master EX system features below:

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