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"Uber Boat" Launching Across Europe this Summer

Uber Yacht food delivery service
The 'Uber Yacht' in Ibiza / Photo courtesy of Uber

It was inevitable.

After some promising trial runs in food delivery for yachts popped up last year, it was a matter of time before Uber would dive into the market of aquatic transportation.

Uber has announced they will begin boat riding services across six European boating hubs starting with Ibiza this August.

There will be Uber Yacht, Uber Boat, and Uber Cruise depending on the location and services.

Uber Yacht will kick off the rollout on the Spanish island of Ibiza where boaters and tourists staying can pre-book a private yacht experience via the Uber app. The 'Uber Yacht' will depart from the Ibiza Town Marina every day at 12 p.m. local time and will offer groups up to 8 people a tour around the island in a Sunseeker yacht.

The tour will cost €1,600 ($2000 USD) for a full 8 hours. Guests will enjoy a full yacht experience, complete with a personal skipper, food and drink service, champagne, and transport to and from the yacht via an Uber vehicle. Reservations for the Ibiza tour will open on July 26th and will be available throughout August.

“At Uber we want to give our customers the opportunity to go anywhere, wherever they are traveling,” said Anabel Diaz, the company’s vice president of EMEA mobility, in a statement. “This summer we are adding a series of bucket-list-worthy nautical experiences to the Uber app in some of Europe’s hottest destinations, helping holidaymakers make the most of their trip on the high seas. Whether it’s sailing around Ibiza in your own private yacht or experiencing the Venetian Lagoon by boat, we’re thrilled to add some Uber magic to our customers’ holidays this summer.”

"Uber Boat" will commence in Venice, Italy this July. The on-demand boating service will take guests through the Venetian Lagoon and will be available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. Pricing will start at €120 per trip ($150 USD).

"Uber Boat" will expand throughout the summer to include Greece with routes in Athens, Corfu, Santorini, and Mykonos. The service will take riders to popular tourist destinations throughout each region.

Uber Cruise Paris
Uber Cruise in Paris / Photo- Uber

"Uber Cruise" will launch in Paris and will offer free one-hour private tours down the River Seine aboard a pontoon boat. The one hour tours will commence with the start of the Summer Olympics and will include views of the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame, among others.

According to the company, the demand for on-water services throughout tourist hotspots is the reason for the launch. As the program expands and adds new venues, boaters and visitors can expect more options for on-water boating services.

That will likely lead to speculation about the potential development of an 'Uber Eats for Boats,' which is being tested by other startups around the globe. Most recently, a pilot project on the Caribbean island of Martinique offered locally sourced food and produce to be delivered dockside to yacht owners moored in the harbour. Other startups like RAD Propulsion in the UK are developing autonomous delivery drones for on-water delivery, similar to the terrestrial drones currently being developed by companies like Amazon and UPS.

Uber Boat on River Thames
Uber Boat on River Thames

Uber has already dipped a toe in the proverbial water with respect to boating. The company launched a fleet of high-speed passenger ferries on the River Thames under the Uber Boat name in 2022.

Uber claims that their data from the summer of 2023 shows a strong demand for boating services. Their services increased by to 55% in parts of Greece and Spain last year.

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