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Sea-Doo 'Switch' Headed to Dealers

By: Scott Way

2022 Sea-Doo Switch
The 2022 Sea-Doo Switch

The industry-changing Sea-Doo Switch is on its way to dealers. BRP, the Quebec-based conglomerate who owns Sea-Doo, has announced production is running steadily and the new platform is on its way to customers.

Large scale marine industry production has been a hot button topic of late due to the ongoing supply chain crisis, but the Quebec manufacturer has offered a inside look their production facility showing an impressive fleet of finished boats on their way to dealers.

The Switch was launched in August 2021 with major industry fervor as a pricepoint pontoon unlike anything else on the market. The compact platform and its interchangeable features make it incredibly versatile, and the jet propulsion uses handlebar steering like a typical PWC rather than a conventional steering wheel.

The Switch comes in three layouts, the Standard Switch, Switch Cruise, and Switch Sport. It also comes in various lengths including the compact 13-foot Sport, 18-21-feet for the Cruise, and 16-19-feet for the standard Switch.

Other innovations include SeaDoo's proprietary iBR (Intelligent Brake & Reverse) module that redirects water to induce direction changes. Throttle, brake, and reverse are controlled via bicycle handbrake-style levers. Steering, docking, and launching are all done via the handlebars for a simple and responsive driving experience.

The new platform also includes Sea-Doo's clever LinQ Cargo Tile flooring system. 16-inch tiles add attachment points around the deck where various LinQ accessories can be connected. The modular tiles also allow users to swap out accessories as needed, change seating configurations, or make storage easier by simply removing accessories for the off-season. The flat-bottom design of the seats, tables, storage bins, and other accessories can be moved around the deck or even onto land if users go ashore and want to bring accessories for a dock party or a BBQ.

The launch was so successful that production for the Switch is already sold out, so those seeking one will have to place an order through a dealer for 2023 delivery. The boat was even nominated for an Edison Award, which recognizes the best technological innovations across industries.

According to Edison, “The Sea-Doo Switch is a pontoon boat for a whole new generation. It expands the possibilities of fun and adventure on the water at an affordable price, thanks to its innovative concept & revolutionary design. Its unique modularity and shared technologies with a personal watercraft create a unique experience on the water.”

You can check out the Switch in action below:

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